The Adventures of
Cherry Licorice
Lightningbolt II


Part 1

One day Lightningbolt II and Cherry Licorice were on an adventure. Cherry Licorice said, "Lightningbolt II, I think there's trouble ahead."

Lightningbolt II said, "Don't worry Cherry Licorice, I'll protect you from harm."

Cherry Licorice said, "Thanks, Lightningbolt II. By the way, I'll just call you Lightningbolt for short."

Sure enough, Cherry Licorice was right. There was trouble ahead. Bang! Bang! Lightningbolt shot some lightning bolts.



Part 2

"Grrrr," said the villain behind the one that had just died. "Oh, oh, oh!" said the villain.

"Die!" said Lightningbolt, and shot some lightning bolts.

"Well, well, well!" said Cherry Licorice.

Then, after a while they met Lightningbolt, Freight, Drahgon the Queen of the Cars, and three of the advisors.



Part 3

The next day (and by the way, they teamed up), after they ate they went on with their adventure. They met a thief.

"Oho!" said Freight, "This looks like a good job for me!" Sure enough, it was a good job for Freight. He threw him all the way to South America.



Part 4

After a while they met all four Hydro-planes. Cherry Licorice said, "Hey Hydro-planes, why are you leaving the car castle?"

"Because some other guards are replacing us," said all four Hydro-planes at the same time.

"Good idea!" said Lightningbolt.

"What do you mean, 'good idea'?" said Freight.

"I think I know what he means," said Cherry Licorice, "it's because he wants to be replaced by someone else, because he doesn't want to be my protector any more."

"You're right, Cherry Licorice," said Lightningbolt.

"Heh, heh!" a voice said from within the trees.

"Come out and show yourself!" yelled Lightningbolt.

"All right." It drove out from within the trees, and they saw Gizmocar-in-Training.

"Why do you hide in the trees like that?" said all the Hydro-planes together.

"Because I was too scared to go out. Some thief was chasing me."

"Then why didn't you trick it by going behind it?"

"Because it had two heads."

"Then there are only three things it could have been," said Cherry Licorice.

"What? Who?" said all the party except Cherry Licorice.

"Either the dragon with two heads, or the green and purple car with two heads, or the silver car with two heads."

"Why you are right, Cherry Licorice," said the silver car with two heads.

"Why do you want to make any more trouble?" said Freight, Lightningbolt and the other Lightningbolt, and Snaky.

"I won't make any more trouble if Gizmocar-in-Training won't try to break me any more."

"I didn't try to break you, all I tried to do was get behind you, but I didn't go out of the trees at the right time."

"Oh no wonder," said the silver car with two heads.



Part 5

"Why don't you join us?" said all the party.

The silver car with two heads said, "All right."

Then after a while the party saw something: they kept getting closer and closer to it until they discovered it was a lot of cars. And all the cars in the party said, "What are these cars doing here?"

All the cars that they just discovered said, "We're here for a car meeting, and we don't know when it will start."

Meanwhile, at Golden Beauty's house (which was all golden of course, and said "beauty" on it) they were having a conversation about who looked prettier.

Golden Beauty said, "I look prettier!"

Purple Salt said, "I look prettier!"

They argued for ten hours, until finally they agreed that they each had the same amount of prettiness.



Part 444

After a while, in the new car castle, Drahgon was talking to Golden Beauty about how pretty they looked. Golden Beauty said that she looked prettier, and Drahgon agreed.

Suddenly it felt like there was an earthquake. They looked out, and saw that Rudy was kicking the car castle.

* to be continued *



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