Meet the Terrific Twelve



The Terrific Twelve is a group of supercar heroes. They fight villains.






Sells orange licorice loaded with sleeping pills that only bad guys fall asleep from.

Blue Beauty

Invisible shield that deflects anything. Warning: sleeps a lot.
In outer space.


Shoots electricity backwards that knocks anyone out if it touches them, and can turn anything that uses electricity on and off.
In electricity.


Can make any type of ants appear.


Can turn into anything frightening.
Skull Island.


Is so pretty that she distracts enemies. Gold and silver.
In South America (she always wins free cruises to there).


Can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
On Bee Mountain.


Can shoot bombs.Inside a bomb.


Is the best lifeguard ever.At the beach.


Can go into computers and fight bugs.
In your computer.


When combined with Silvery can make anything appear.
In Uncle Scrooge's money bin.


When combined with Goldeny can make anything appear.In Uncle Scrooge's money bin.


The Terrific Twelve's worst enemy

The Giant. Very frightening.


A Short Story

Once upon a time the TT were at a meeting. Pretty was showing them a lot of bills. Sting said, "Bills, bills, bills! Why don't cars do things for supercar heroes for free?"

"But yesterday a car did try to give me an expired bus ticket for free."

"We need money," said Pretty.

So they drove over to Drahgon's house. The door was opened by a robot. It said, "I am sorry Drahgon is at a important meeting and can not be ..."

They pushed the robot out of the way and opened a door. Drahgon's head poked out. "Hello!" she said, "come in." They went in and sat down.

Pretty whispered in Drahgon's ear. Drahgon pulled a key out of her glove compartment, and opened a door. She came out with a 24-caret gold ball. She gave it to the TT. The TT left. They went to the 2nd richest car in the (car) world. They cashed in the 24-caret gold ball for lots of dollars. They paid the bills and had a lot left. They gave half to


* to be continued *


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