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Arthur got a little JamCam digital camera for his fifth birthday (September 20, 1999). He had been saying for months and months that what he really wanted for his birthday was a camera, so when he finally got it he was so excited he could hardly wait for it to be set up, he just kept running back and forth in delight.

October, 1999

To start things off, here's a picture Arthur took of Jon the first day he got the camera.
 And here's Arthur's 10/12/1999 picture looking down along one side of our house.
Here we have the strawberry bed and some sunflowers.
 This is a guest shot by Sam, borrowing Arthur's camera to try for a Jon-style flower photo.
Arthur photographs his and Sam's cat "Lady Katrin" laying on the deck.
 Jon picks purple peppers in the greenhouse (10/18/1999).
Tomatoes in the garden.
 Arthur catches his shadow while photographing a bowl of basil leaves.
Arthur took a picture of some flowers and then he ran it through a graphic filter.

November, 1999


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