Rudy and the Missing Cat Treat

by Arthur Shemitz, age 6

One day Rudy was walking along when he saw a cat treat. He went to eat it, but when he was about to, it ran away. Rudy pinched himself five times to check if it was a dream, and it wasn't. Rudy thought: maybe a little sleeping will make me stop imagining stuff like this. But as you know, when Rudy says "a little sleeping" he means like two hours of sleeping! So in two hours, when Rudy woke up, he saw the cat treat. He pounced on it, and it ran away again.

Rudy called Katrin and Marley and Maxx. Katrin was the last one who heard. Maxx was the first, but he didn't want to go to Rudy, but when he saw Marley sneaking up on him trying to steal his tail (what tail?!), he ran right away and was the second to get there (Katrin was the first). Marley was meowing about if Maxx had a tail or not, because it might be invisible.

Katrin told Rudy that she wanted to go inside to Sam and Arthur's house, so she could be petted and get a little sleep. Maxx kept running around in circles testing how well he could run away. Marley kept testing how well he could meow. Rudy kept testing how well he could attack a cat treat.

And then after all the testing, they saw the cat treat. Maxx had tried to corner it, Rudy tried to pounce on it, and Marley tried to meow at it so it would stay. But it ran away again. Then they thought about talking to each other to see what they could do to get the cat treat. Rudy put up a poster saying "Cat treat that keeps running away. Reward: Whoever can catch it gets it." And Maxx, he ran away to find some cats that might want to try it, while Rudy actually made the posters. Marley tried to find all the tabby cats he could, by meowing a single meow. And when Maxx came back, with him he had Nimbus, Flurry -- you name them, they were there! And then Katrin came back from the house. And then Rudy came back saying that he had put them up all over town (that he knew where cats were).

And when the cats arrived, Katrin asked them if they would like to eat some cat food to wait for the cat treat (and no pushing). Rudy asked them if some would like to have some fun around the house (so there would be more room by the cat-food bowl).

Just then Rudy remembered that he was a Detective (see Meet Rudy). He and the other cats went to one of the doors of the house that he thought he lived at and heard some of the humans saying, "Did you see the expression on Rudy's face?" "Yes Sam, it was priceless."

The cats understood the humans' language (for some reason) and thought: "Ha! The humans did it. Now all we need to know is how they did it." Then they thought: "So that's how -- they tied the cat treat to a string." Rudy also thought: "Case closed!"

* The End *


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