Rudy and the Talking Catnip

by Arthur Shemitz, age 6

Once upon a time Rudy was walking to a bag of catnip, when it said, "Cat, you won't eat me!"

Rudy fainted.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" said the catnip.

And when Rudy got up, the catnip -- "It was nowhere to be Seen?!?!?!?!?!?!" said Rudy, and fainted again.

Then when Rudy got up again he begged to come in the house that he thought he lived at. Arthur (one of the humans) let him in. He found Katrin and begged her to come out. She did, and Rudy told her everything about the talking catnip. Then the two of them were getting mad.

Then after a long time the talking catnip was there. It said, "I will make you two faint!"

"You will not!" said Katrin.

It said, "Yes I will! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Then Katrin and Rudy pounced on it and ate all the catnip in it. Then they found a record player in it.

"Case closed," thought Rudy.

The End


Copyright © 2001 Arthur Benjamin Shemitz
Last updated February 28, 2001
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