Stinky the Lost Skunk

by Arthur Shemitz, age 6

Once upon a time Stinky was walking and then he felt like he had went into a time warp. Then he saw a Lego person -- he then realized he was small too. "Huh?" he said.

Then he saw a Playmobil person -- it was bigger than him. "Huh?" he said again. Then he cried. Then he thought this must be a bad dream, and went to sleep, but when he woke up Playmobil people were still bigger then him. Then he found that he was in a Playmobil Castle. He thought, "I will fight!" He grabbed a sword and put it back.

Stinky ran out of the castle and crashed into a cat. It said, "Hello, my name is Unknown Cat, what's yours?"

He said "Uh... Uh..... Stinky."

Unknown Cat said, "Come, I'll lead you to my friends." In a few minutes he had met Cenya, the Guest, Rudy and Mr. Cock-a-doodle-doo (Cockle for short). They were VERY good friends. He asked them if they knew how he could get back to big size. They told him that they had made a invention that would make him get back to big size.

Stinky said good bye and walked into the invention. He got bigger and bigger, and when he stopped he couldn't see his friends any more, and he was bigger than Lego people and Playmobil people, but after that he always got small every so often.

* The End *


Copyright © 2001 Arthur Benjamin Shemitz
Last updated July 11, 2001
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