The Super Powered Animals

Super Cockle!
Super Rascal!
Super Tiger!
Super Bobby!
Super Ghost!
Super Blandamour!
Form: The Super Powered Animals!

Super Villain Stinky!
Sidekick Villain Stinky
Form: The Super Villain Animals!

The Guest
Spotted Lep
Unknown Cat
Music Whale
And Cenya as:
The Normal Animals! (no Super Powers at all)

Chapter 1:
The Beginning

"Yes, NOW what is it?" said Super Ghost.

"Two Super villains have been sighted on our radar." said Super Tiger.

"Eh?" said Super Bobby, crawling out from under the desk, waking up from a deep sleep. "What is it NOW? I haven't forgot about the time you said GRAPE JAM was a alien food!"

"Yes, Yes, But it wasn't grape! It was cherry!" yelled Super Ghost.

"And how about the time you said that villain meant: Very good, never lies, doesn't make unfunny puns. etc. etc."

"We had a bad dictionary then!" put in Super Cockle.

"Phone call." said Super Blandamour. "From the mayor."

Chapter 2:
Fun! Fun! FUN!

"Hello? Super Animals Inc. Rascal speaking."

"Yes, Hello Super Rascal, I just wanted to tell you that to thank you for saving the city the last time, I'm awarding you a prize."

"Good, we'll be there soon." Rascal hung up. "Now what should we do?"

Super Cockle put on the latest hit "Sorry babe, I knocked the compost over!" They all sung and danced, that is, until the mayor called (again).


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This story written 3/19/2002 by Arthur Benjamin Shemitz, age 7
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