The Unicorn Hunt

by Arthur Shemitz, age 8


When the youngest of the unicorns left,
A few humans attempted theft.
With fierce bows they attacked the oldest,
Also the shivering ones; the coldest.

The unicorns fought back wildly,
The hunters were disposed of mildly.
Yet despite their losing, the hunters fought back.
But for fighting, some unicorns had no knack.

Bravely they fought, kicking out strongly,
Knowing the hunters were attacking wrongly.
The unicorns were being weakened, losing the battle,
The hunters were treating them like mad cattle.

As the unicorns were being beaten, a solitary one attacked,
The hunters she had carefully tracked.
She fought out bravely, kicking them to the ground,
No match they were for that one, the hunters soon found.

The hunters tried to flee, knowing they would lose,
The ones the unicorn caught got a aching bruise.
The hunters surrendered, dropping their bows.
The unicorn made them run in short rows.

But who was this unicorn, the reader may ask?
Ah, to tell you, that is a simple task!
The one who was being to the hunters quite mean,
Her name was nothing but Aleen.


Copyright © 2003 Arthur Benjamin Shemitz
Written April 2003
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