Cookies and Carrots Live and in Person!

by Tané Tachyon on September 26, 2013


a cookie and a slice of carrot cakeToday is my son Sam’s 25th birthday! When I asked him what kind of birthday cake he would like me to make for him, he requested carrot cake, and I also made him a batch of chocolate-chip- caramel-balls-marcona-almond cookies.

When he had blown out his giant candles, and we were eating our first slices of his birthday cake, I thought, well duh, there’s the name of my food blog right there, and I put one of the cookies next to my partially-eaten slice of carrot cake to take this picture.

(One-month-later update: I just posted the recipe for the cake in my Two Birthday Carrot Cakes entry, and will do the same for the cookies in a future posting.)

Happy birthday to Sam!

six-year-old Sam rolls out a pie crustSo last Friday was my son Arthur’s 19th birthday, and again, today is my son Sam’s 25th birthday! Here you can see him rolling out a pie crust back in June of 1995, when he was six and three-quarters years old.

Sam has always been very ahead of his time, and at the age of six he even had his own food blog of sorts: Sam’s Amazing Cookbook. I had used this photo to make a banner for him, but he did all the rest of the graphics himself using KidPix.

These days Sam spends a lot more time creating web pages and computer games than baked goods, but he does have a gallery of many of his more-recent vegetarian baking and cooking creations on Facebook.

And another happy birthday to you, Sam! I love you, and it’s been wonderful being your mother for 25 years, and I look forward to the next 25, and next, and so on!

updated October 26, 2013


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