“Dear Old Mom Is Baking Virtual Cookies”

by Tané Tachyon on September 11, 2013


a collage of some recent batches of cookies I've madeApropos of my not yet having made cookie buttons for this blog, today I was reminded that back in 1996 my son Sam and I had been featured in the New York Times article Dear Old Mom Is Baking Virtual Cookies.

Well, I want you to know that despite my not having posted any cookie recipes here yet either, the cookies are not a lie! They are not just virtual, they are real! I mean, just look at all these cookies! Postings/recipes shall appear presently.

September 14 update

OK, so today I did make the cookie “Home” and “About” navigation buttons, though I may change them around some more.

September 18 update

And today I did my first cookie-recipe posting here, Vegan Vanilla-Bean Cookies.

updated September 18, 2013


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