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Picture books
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Sam has written and illustrated many books and stories.

The earliest of these were short desktop-published picture books, where he would dictate the text, we would format it, print out (and staple into book form) some copies, and then he would illustrate each copy using markers, sending duplicate copies out to relatives and friends. I'm planning to scan some of these in, but haven't got the formatting worked out the way I want yet.

Since 1995 he's done a lot of writing specifically for the web, sometimes also with illustrations done in KidPix (he's gotten other paint programs over the years but still uses KidPix a lot). He starts a lot more stories than he finishes, but who knows, someday he may get back to them all!

Sam was born on 9/26/88, so you can work out from there how old he was when he wrote one story or another.

Picture books

Like I said, I have to work out a good format for these and then scan them in! These two are the exceptions, because Sam did the "Water Whales" pictures in KidPix rather than with markers, and wrote and illustrated "Whitestone" using Storybook Weaver Deluxe.

* Water Whales (written June 1993)
* Whitestone (a Redwall story Sam wrote and illustrated in early 1997)

Lego-related stories

Sam writes a lot of stories about the adventures of his Lego people.

* The Adventures of Hooky (started June 1997)
* The Adventurous Adventurers (an archaeology story started on 12/16/97)
* The Adventures of Ocean-Explorer-Sea (written June/July 1995)
* The Adventures of Shark-Killer Sea (started August 1996)
* Shark-Killer Sea's Chronicles of Legoland (started 9/17/97)
* The Knight the Aliens Landed (started February 1997)
* Legopolis (started November 1997, and filmed in glorious Pizzacolor!)
* Pirate Wars (started February 1998)
* Royal Knight Adventures (started October 1997)
* Royal Knight Stories (written July 1995)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 2 (written August 1995)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 3 (written July 1996 - July 1997)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 4 (written August 1997 - June 1999)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 5 (started July 1999)
* What if Firefighter was Bad? (written August 1995 -- bonus -- incredibly eye-frying background!)
* What if Pirates were Good and the Rest were Bad? (a short, silly one from December 1995)

BTW, you might also like to check out Sam's Lego page.

Counting books/stories

Sam did a few of these when he was four and five, but most of them were picture books and need to be scanned in before I can put them here.

* Water Whales (written June 1993)
* 16 Little Ants (written March 1994)

Songs, poems, plays

* And I live in Redwall Abbey (Sam wrote this Redwall poem on Halloween of 1996)
* Sanctuary of our home (Sam wrote this song on 9/4/97)
* The Candy Crowning (this 12/10/97 poem was also printed in our local homeschooling newsletter)
* The Changeling Boy's Ballad of Ivy Valley (Written 11/5/98 -- Sam played the Changeling Boy in a December 1998 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and he wrote this ballad for a friend playing "Ivy", a fairy, about their discovery of "Ivy Valley" during a rehearsal break. It has also been reprinted in both our local homeschooling newsletter and a Canadian homeschooling newsletter.)
* Don't give up; it could be worse (a winter poem written on 1/22/98)
* And also check out this very short spring poem written on 3/29/2001
* Golden Prince and Golden King (a 5/98 play written by Sam and performed by Sam and Arthur)
* Sam also wrote a story version of the above play
* Catan Song (a song about the Settlers of Catan series of board and card games, written on 8/23/00)
* A musical story: Chapter 1 (a poem about the Jazz Jackrabbit computer game Sam posted to a Jazz Jackrabbit forum on 3/26/01)

Miscellaneous writings

* The Fine Castle (written 10/21/93 when Sam had just turned five)
* Hercules and the Seven Knights (Sam started writing this in July 1993 but only got as far as the third knight)
* The Magic Playground (written July 1995 when Sam was wanting to write a very short story, and also supposed to be kind of a joke on the "Boxcar Children" series)
* Mattimeo the Warrior (a Redwall story started in November 1996)
* Silly NN (Neverfailing Nine) Stories, book 1 (written off and on between May and August 1995 as Sam was approaching his seventh birthday. "The Neverfailing Nine" is a Superhero group that Sam invented and makes up a lot of stories about. Almost all of these stories take the form of "told while we're out on a walk" or "pictures/comics drawn in KidPix" -- this particular piece and the introduction are the only ones so far to make it into written form.)
* Neverfailing Nine Adventures: Introduction (written November 1995 when Sam had just turned seven. This story contains some background information about the origin of the Neverfailing Nine, though I have to say it's a lot different from the "original" origin I remember them having. :-))
* Sam's Amazing Cookbook (written 1995)
* Sam's list of games he likes to play with Arthur (written in early 1995 when Arthur wasn't very many months old)
* Sam's First 50 Tips For Parents (written 3/6/96)
* Hydro-Plane! (started May 1997)
* The Legion of Self-driving Cars (started May 1998)
* Sam's 8/4/97 dream (written 8/4/97 :-))
* Sam's 2/3/98 dream (Sam made the background for this page too)
* Sam's 5/10/98 dream
* The Story of Art (about Sam's little brother Arthur, written 3/28/98)


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