Dramatis Personae

in order of appearance

Theseus' Court


Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to TheseusLaura Wilson
Theseus, Duke of AthensBenjamin Arthur
Philostrate, Master of the RevelsIan Leigh Arthur
Egeus, father of HermiaJulian Markasky
Hermia, daughter of Egeus, in love with LysanderMackenzie Rickard
Demetrius, in love with Hermia and favored by EgeusDaniel Mays
Lysander, in love with HermiaNash Quinto
Helena, in love with DemetriusJesse Autumn

The Players


Peter Quince, a carpenter/Director/Prologue Mimi Vilmenay
Nick Bottom, a weaver/PyramusSam Richie
Frances Flute, a bellows mender/ThisbeJaciel Sellers
Mary, daughter to Flute/a dogMaddy Morrison
Robin Starveling, a tailor/MoonshineSeth Bowman
Tom Snout, a tinker/WallDavin Tittle
Snug, a joiner/Lion 1Michael Keegan
Snug, a joiner/Lion 2William White

The Fairies and the Fairy Court


Puck, or Robin Goodfellow Paul Johnson
Peaseblossom, a fairyLinnaea Wilson
Mustardseed, a fairyMeganne Morrison
Cobweb, a fairySara Twitty
Moth, a fairyRyhanna Tittle
Ivy, a fairyMorganne Madrone
Oberon, King of the FairiesHarrison Rico
Titania, Queen of the FairiesErin Peden
The Changeling Boy or the Indian BoySam Shemitz



synthesizer Bill Wright
harpJesse Autumn


How has participating in Laura Wilson's Shakespeare productions affected you?

(asked at an AFE/A Catch of Shadows Theater Company rehearsal)

"It has opened me up to a new and exciting kind of art. I learn so much more from acting than from reading. I have begun to really understand the beauty of Shakespeare's work."
Harrison Rico, AFE student
"It gives me a life. I spend all my time learning my lines and learning a lot about Shakespeare that I wouldn't otherwise have known. It is interesting to know that others have been playing these roles for the last four centuries."
Erin Peden, AFE student
"The experiences have been challenging and I have gotten a lot out of them. My characters have been great fun to play."
Sam Richie, AFE student
"Laura is an incredible talent with an infinite amount of patience. She has a truly insightful vision that brings a play to life."
Bill Wright, Music Director/ Music Educator, 30 years Bay Area
"Over a period of years I have watched a whole community of young people grow and thrive through and with Laura Wilson and A Catch of Shadows Theater company. Our family has been enriched in our appreciation of Shakespeare and the excitement of working together to support quality theater for youth in Santa Cruz county. A Catch of Shadows Theater Company is a gift that I hope will be supported for years to come."
Ingrid Mednis-Johnson, AFE parent, Docent UCSC and City of Santa Cruz
"It has been a delight, privilege and inspiration to watch Laura direct and to see the high quality of theatrical productions take shape through the dedicated work of students committed to building a superior theater company for youth. We are lucky to be a part of it and look forward to future productions."
Lisa J. Arthur, AFE parent