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February 2000 news flash

Sam just got paid to look over and talk about future Lego Mindstorms add-ons as part of a Mindstorms focus group. Also, Sam and Arthur each won a Lego Throwbots set in an online contest.

Some Lego stories written by Sam

Sam starts a lot more of these than he finishes -- you'll see that a lot of them are "in process" -- and every so often gets back to them and adds a few more paragraphs. He and his little brother Arthur also like to make up Lego stories while we're doing things like walking to the grocery store, many more than actually ever end up getting written down.

Sam was born on 9/26/88, so you can work out from there how old he was when he wrote one story or another.

* The Adventures of Hooky (started June 1997)
* The Adventurous Adventurers (an archaeology story started on 12/16/97)
* The Adventures of Ocean-Explorer-Sea (written June/July 1995)
* The Adventures of Shark-Killer Sea (started August 1996)
* Shark-Killer Sea's Chronicles of Legoland (started 9/17/97)
* The Knight the Aliens Landed (started February 1997)
* Legopolis (started November 1997, and filmed in glorious Pizzacolor!)
* Pirate Wars (started February 1998)
* Royal Knight Adventures (started October 1997)
* Royal Knight Stories (written July 1995)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 2 (written August 1995)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 3 (written July 1996 - July 1997)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 4 (written August 1997 - June 1999)
* Royal Knight Stories volume 5 (started July 1999)
* What if Firefighter was Bad? (written August 1995 -- bonus -- incredibly eye-frying background!)
* What if Pirates were Good and the Rest were Bad? (a short, silly one from December 1995)

We also have a collection of other people's Lego stories: Lego's "The Golden Medallion" comic book, and the books "Adventure in Legoland", "Safari Adventure in Legoland", "Doctor Dog" and "Edward's Skyscraper." We also have the Dorling Kindersley Ultimate Lego Book as well as a big stack of their Lego puzzle and maze books.


Games featuring Lego minifigs and/or blocks

We've been pleasantly surprised to see Lego blocks/minifigs turn up in various games, so we thought we might as well list them for others who like such things. The non-online computer games are all of the DOS/Windows variety, because that's what we have.

* Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 1995 has one level where the landscape, buildings, etc. are all made of Lego blocks (click the link to see screenshots as well as being able to download this shareware game), and you have to shoot some not-so-great-looking minifigs.
* Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris -- the best thing in this game is that at one point a very realistic-looking Lego chef shows up and throws pumpkin pies all over the place. Yes, I'm completely serious.
* "Mindfinds" made a really really nice Lego-Minifigs MahJongg tile set for Ron Balewski's MJWIN and Mah Jongg '97 shareware games.
* We have Lego's computer games Lego Island, Lego Chess and Lego Racers, which are all fun.
* We also have the Lego Timecruisers board game.
* The official Lego site features a variety of cute online Lego games.
* Legoland California's web site also has a Concentration game.
* Frank's LEGO(r) Games and Wargaming Links Page has links to rules for many Lego war games.
* The Games for the Lego Maniac page has online Lego wordsearch and tic tac toe games.
* Suzanne D. Rich's online Minifig Generator page
* The Mega Bloks website has some Lego-like online games also

Sam has also programmed some Windows computer games of his own featuring Lego characters -- one of these days you'll probably see one or more of them listed here too.


Some other Lego links

* The official Lego website
* LUGNET, the International Lego Users Group Network, has pictures and descriptions of almost every Lego set ever made, in addition to a large number of active Lego discussion groups and huge collections of reference materials, news and links. You can even create your own Lego web pages there.
* Richard Wright's Lego Activities educational page, with some of the wildest Lego applications and pictures/creations you've ever seen
* Mike Stanley's list of weekly Lego Shop @ Home half-price phone specials
* Brickshelf has a huge collection of online scans of Lego-set instructions
* Sam Inston of South Australia has a Samuel's Lego page of his own
* The rec.toys.lego newsgroup


Credits & disclaimer

The background used on this page is a "derivative work" of a Fibblesnork Backgrounds page image, made and used with permission of the original creator Todd Lehman.

LEGO(r) is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.


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