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Part 1: The Island of Sacrimedes

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Departure

Hooky was getting very tired. Practically every day in the castle of Worriidus, the Knights of Vaal brought their catapults to smash down the castle, and every time, before the Knights of Vaal turned their catapults the correct direction, Hawkeye would shoot the ropes of the catapults, sending the rocks back the way they came. So one day Hooky the young captain, with seven soldiers behind him, went to attack the Knights of Vaal in weapon-to-weapon combat. Sir Jerry smote one of the Vaal Knights a blow in the stomach with the pommel of his dagger, taking the breath out of the Vaal knight. The two Worriidus jailers, Sellwatches and Watchcells, pulled the fallen Vaal knight into the castle and clapped him in irons.

Hooky, Jerry, Mike and Jim charged a group of four Vaal knights. When the brief encounter was over, Jerry, Mike and Jim were wounded, two Vaal knights lay dead, and Hooky was captured. Then, Jerry, Mike, Jim, Jeff, John and Jake moved aside, as Hawkeye poured a barrel of sleeping draught off the side of the battlements onto the Vaal knights.

* * * To be continued * * *


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