The Candy Crowning

I saw a likely queen, and picked up my royal scepter,
and said to myself "I will accept her."
I asked her if she would be queen, and she said yes.
And of all the crownings I've seen, this one was the best.
And oh what she did -- first she took cookies galore,
and used them to decorate every single door.
Then she took such beautiful kinds of candy,
it was impossible not to be appealing.
She put them on the walls
and even on the ceiling.
And then there was a person who to her was a bower,
she sent him with gumdrops to put on the tower.
And then she took chocolate, and lots of candy canes,
and put them on the turrets and the window panes.
And then she took the royal crown,
and thereupon she put it down,
upon her then-royal head,
and with a full day behind her, she went straight to bed.


Copyright © 1997 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
Written 12/10/97
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