(A big picture of Sam rolling out a piecrust)

Sam likes to cook, especially baking, and he made this cookbook back when he was six. He used KidPix to make the lines/bars.


Cakes and Pies








"App & Cream Sandwich"

Ingredients What to do:
  1. Cut bread in half (not on the diagonal).
  2. Spread cream cheese over both pieces of bread.
  3. Cut the apple into slices (thin slices, mind you).
  4. Lay the apple slices on each layer of cream cheese.
  5. Put little places of cream cheese on top of the apple slices.
  6. Put them together.
  7. And be careful!

"Baby hair food"

What you need: Why you would want to do this: What to do:
  1. Smooth the Jello over your hair, so your hair has Jello over it.
  2. When baby starts pulling your hair so you can't get to the refrigerator, he/she'll probably get some Jello on his/her hand.
  3. When he/she lets go, and puts his/her hand into his/her mouth (supposing your baby does this), he/she'll have some Jello.
  4. Now you can go to the refrigerator, and know that he/she has had a little before-snack made of Jello.
  5. One more thing about Jello and a baby: if he/she's hungry and you don't have any baby food, give him/her a chunk of Jello.
  6. Warning! color may stay on baby for a while.

"Blueberry-strawberry ice cream"

What you need: What to do:
  1. If you took frozen blueberries, thaw them until they are ready. (If you didn't take frozen blueberries, they'll be perfectly ready.)
  2. Get the bowl/cup.
  3. Chop up the strawberries with the knife, into pieces.
  4. Put the strawberries in the bowl/cup.
  5. Put the vanilla ice cream in the bowl/cup.
  6. Use the spoon to stir the strawberries into the ice cream.
  7. Take the blueberries, and squeeze their juice into a glass.
  8. Pour the contents of the glass over the ice cream.
  9. Use your open mouth and the spoon to eat up the nourishing snack.

"Cheese Sandwich"

Ingredients: What to do:
  1. Take one or two pieces out of the loaf of bread.
  2. If you have one piece, spread cheese over the whole piece of bread, on one side only.
  3. Then fold it up so it's a sandwich.
  4. If you have two pieces, spread cheese over them, and put them together.
  5. If you want, you can toast them so the cheese will be gooey.
  6. Then, if you don't have an appetite yet, wait until it comes along, and then eat the sandwich.

"Cinnamon Breadwich"

Ingredients: What to do:
  1. Put the bread in your toaster, toaster oven or oven.
  2. Slice thin square pieces of butter from the stick.
  3. Put the butter pieces on the bread (careful not to spill any).
  4. Put the piece of bread in a oven or toaster oven.
  5. When you see the butter all gooey (also known as melted) you ought to take it out (be careful not to put your fingers in the butter).
  6. Now, mix the cinnamon and sugar together.
  7. Now put one layer of cinnamon-sugar on the bread.
  8. Bend the bread in half.
  9. Now you've got your cinnamon breadwich all ready to eat!
  10. Now eat it!

"Fine Honeys"

Ingredients: What to do:
  1. Take one piece of bread.
  2. Dip the knife into the honey jar.
  3. Spread the honey on the piece of bread.
  4. Do the same with the peanut butter jar as what you did with the honey jar.
  5. Put it in a toaster oven.
  6. When it goes "ding", take it out.
  7. Cut the bread in pieces if you like (that's where you use the fork).

"My favorite milkshake"

Ingredients: What to do:
  1. Take the blueberries and put them in the blender. Keep the blender on until the blueberries are thoroughly chopped.
  2. Get the vanilla ice cream and dump it in the blender with the blueberries.
  3. Pour milk into the blender.
  4. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  5. Pour into a cup, and (if you took one) put the straw in.

"Straw & Cream Sandwich"

Well, as you might expect, because its name is so similar to something else, it almost is that something else. That's true! Straw & Cream here is exactly the same as App & Cream, except that you put in sliced strawberries instead of apples.

"Triple Sandwich"

Ingredients: What to do:
  1. We'll call the three pieces of bread A, B and C.
  2. Put A on the table, or counter, or whatever you're using.
  3. Put some of the filling onto A.
  4. Put B on top of that filling.
  5. Put the same kind of filling (or a different kind of filling) on top of B.
  6. Then put C on top of that filling.
  7. Oh, and if you want a quadruple sandwich (or more than that), just use more filling and bread pieces, but try to keep in the same design as Triple Sandwich. And please, don't make it too high, or it will topple into your face, and that would be a waste of bread.


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