Golden Prince and Golden King

A play by Sam Shemitz, starring Sam and Arthur


Cast of characters

    Sam: Fortune teller, Bad guy 2, Sam, Golden King

    Arthur: Jester, Bad guy 1, Citizen, Golden Prince, Guard



    (Enter Jester with Fortune teller, Jester dances and then stops.)

    Fortune teller: Ahh ... Play on Jester. (Jester dances, Fortune teller puts hand on Jester's shoulder.) Rest now, I will tell (Both kneel down) you a tale of two people who changed the world, their names were Golden Prince and Golden King. Draw close and I will tell you about them.

    (They exit together.)


Act 1, Scene 1

    (Enter bad guy 1 with bad guy 2; bad guy 1 works on bomb and gives it to bad guy 2.)

    Bad guy 1: Take this to Sam!

    Bad guy 2: Yes sir!

    (Both leave.)


Act 1, Scene 2

    (Citizen enters with Sam.)

    Sam: Look at this balloon I got. (Sam gives balloon to Citizen). Here, smell this.

    (Sam leaves the stage. Citizen sniffs the bomb. Boom! Bomb blows up and Citizen falls down.)

    Citizen: Help! There's an explosion! Save me!

    (Golden King flies in.)

    Golden King: I'll help you! (Golden King heals Citizen.) Are you all right?

    Citizen: Yes, thanks to you. (Both leave.)


Act 1, Scene 3

    (Bad guy 1 and 2 enter. Bad guy 1 works on a bomb.)

    Bad guy 1: Here, take this and get it to Sam!

    Bad guy 2: Yes sir! But what if it doesn't blow up on him?

    Bad guy 1: I don't know.

    Bad guy 2: Yes sir!

    (Both leave.)


Act 2, Scene 1

    (Enter Sam holding bomb.)

    Sam: Last time the balloon was a bomb and it blew up in my friend's face! I bet this is a bomb too. (Sam puts bomb to his ear.) Yes, I can hear it ticking ... I have a plan.

    (Sam leaves the stage.)


Act 2, Scene 2

    (Enter Citizen. Citizen paces. Golden King enters.)

    Citizen: Thanks for saving me, but who are you?

    Golden King: Who I am is unimportant -- let it remain that Sam is sorry the bomb blew up on you, and I shall find the killers and arrest them. I shall notify you when they are captured.

    (Golden King leaves; Citizen stays a while and then leaves.)


Act 2, Scene 3

    (Enter Golden King and Golden Prince.)

    Golden King: Golden Prince, I am trailing some killers. Would you like to help me?

    Golden Prince: Yes, Golden King.

    Golden King: (Happy) Then let's go!

    Golden Prince: Yes, Golden King.

    (Both leave.)


*** Intermission ***


Act 3, Scene 1

    (Enter Bad guy 1 and starts working on two bombs. Suddenly Golden King flies in.)

    Golden King: You'll never kill anyone again! (Bad guy 1 jumps.) Do you surrender?

    Bad guy 1: No!

    Golden King: Then I shall chase you from here to jail!

    (Bad guy 1 runs off with Golden King behind him.)


Act 3, Scene 2

    (Enter Bad guy 2.)

    Bad guy 2: Duh ... I wonder when the boss will be back? (Golden Prince leaps on stage and knocks Bad guy 2 down.) Oof!

    Golden Prince: Your boss is gone, and now I'm taking you to jail!

    (Golden Prince leads Bad guy 2 off with Bad guy 2 cursing under his breath.)


Act 3, Scene 3

    (Golden King rushes on with Golden Prince.)

    Golden King: Golden Prince! What are you doing here?

    Golden Prince: Same as you, fighting the bad guys.

    Golden King: Any idea where the boss is?

    Golden Prince: No.

    Golden King: You go that way and I'll go this way.

    (They go off different ways.)


Act 3, Scene 4

    (Enter Bad guy 1 with bomb and sword, puts sword down behind and waits with bomb. Golden King flies on.

    Golden King: Now I'm going to take you to jail!

    (Bad guy 1 throws bomb but Golden king splits it with his sword. Golden king dashes forward and Bad guy 1 grabs the sword that was behind him and stabs Golden king, Golden king falls and Bad guy 1 leaves)


Act 3, Scene 5

    (Golden King is laying on the stage. Golden Prince dashes in and heals Golden King.)

    Golden King: Thanks! I thought I was done for!

    Golden Prince: It's OK. Let's find that boss.

    Golden King: I'm right with you!

    (Both leave.)


Act 4, Scene 1

    (Enter Golden King, paces, turns into Sam. Guard leaps in, overpowers Sam, and takes him off.)


Act 4, Scene 2

    (Enter Bad guy 1, sits. Sam walks in.)

    Sam: Why has your guard brought me here?

    Bad guy 1: (Rises.) To kill you!

    (Sam turns into Golden King.)

    Golden King: Guess again! You'll never kill again!

    (Golden King carries Bad guy 1 off.)


Act 4, Scene 3

    (Enter Golden King and Bad guy 1.)

    Golden King: I think we have a nice cell for you.

    (They bring a banner out from behind their backs and say, "The End!")



    (Enter Jester and Fortune teller, both fall down yawning)

    Fortune Teller: Whew! Telling a tale really takes it out of me!

    Jester: What happened to Golden Prince?

    Fortune teller: I am coming to that. After going for the boss he found Golden King again and they went to a Fortune teller like I am, maybe someday I shall tell you what happened then.

    (Jester gets up, dances, and they both leave after bowing.)


Copyright © 1998 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
Written 5/98
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