Golden Prince and Golden King

(A story based on Sam's
Golden Prince and Golden King play)

Two men walked into a dark room. One was a jester with the typical jester costume; the other was a fortune-teller, with all the marks of a wizard. The fortune-teller was the first to speak. "You may rest now my friend," he said in a voice that tingled with the magic of the earth. "Rest, I shall tell you a tale of two people who changed the world. Golden King and Golden Prince were their names, but names could never describe those two valiant heroes. Let me tell you of them."

* * *

It all started in a laboratory of two villains: Arguetok and Yellowlor. They were the leaders of a great gang of thugs, although Yellowlor was much more a guard then Arguetok. Arguetok was a mad scientist and was the only one who knew the hero Golden King's true identity, he was the only one who knew that the person Jack was also known as Golden King. Arguetok had been working on a bomb in this laboratory for quite some time now and now it was finished. Arguetok gave the Bomb to Yellowlor and said in his gruff voice, "Take this to Jack!"

Yellowlor made a smart salute and said, "Yes sir!" They then left, Arguetok rubbing his hands with delight.

In another part of town the town road was quite crowded. Two people found each another in the town square, these two had the simple names Jack and Jim. Jack said a few friendly words to Jim: "Look at this balloon I got, here, take a good look."

Just as Jim took the balloon Jack was swept away in the crowd. Jim ran his finger over the smooth surface and heard a ticking noise. KABOOM!!! The balloon blew up and Jim went flying into a fountain. Jim cried as hard as he could, "Help! Help!"

Somewhere from another world trumpets sounded and Golden King flew to the rescue of Jim. Golden King said these famous words then: "I'll help you!" Golden King then used his special healing powers on Jim and helped the poor man home.

At the home of Golden Prince Jim fidgeted. Here is a copy of his thoughts: "If only I could have had time to change to Golden Prince! It was so irritating that I didn't sense the ticking. I was saved by a person who can heal like I can as Golden Prince but WHO is he?"

In the monkey castle king Monkeylork IV swung over the heads of the invading dog men. Screeches and barks were heard throughout the air and Monkeylork shuddered as he threw a coconut on the head of a dog. "We will need reinforcements," he thought, "I'm going to send my messenger to the gorillas and ask them to help us."

Back in the laboratory Arguetok was hopping mad. "Didn't blow up on him, eh! Too smart for you, EH! Who needs you? I'll make SURE it blows up on him this time!!" After cooling down Arguetok handed another bomb to Yellowlor and told Yellowlor to Make Sure that it blew up on Jack this time.

Yellowlor saluted and asked, "Yes sir! But what if it doesn't blow up on him?" Yellowlor ran out the door instantly followed by curses from Arguetok.

The next day a parcel arrived at Jack's house with a note saying "Sorry you lost the other balloon, keep this one in the house, OK?"

Jack did not like the looks of this, he said: "Last time the balloon was a bomb and it blew up in my friend's face! I bet this is a bomb too." He put it to his ear to check for odd noises. "Yes, I can hear it ticking ... I have a plan." He left with a serious expression on his face.

In the gorilla castle a monkey fell in a gorilla's soup The gorilla took the monkey and flung the poor creature out the door, unfortunately, a cook was coming in then when a Monkey flew in her face. Startled, she dropped the tray and food and drink were everywhere. The big gorilla tried to help but slipped in a drink and landed on the monkey.

In the house of Jim AKA Golden Prince Jim wondered when his mystery guest would be here. "Knock Knock!" was suddenly heard. "Who's there?" called Jim.

"Your mystery guest!"

Jim opened the door and Golden King flew in. Jim said, "Thanks for saving me, but who are you?"

Golden King then replied: "Who I am is unimportant -- let it remain that Jack is sorry the bomb blew up on you, and I shall find the killers and arrest them. I shall notify you when they are captured." Golden King then left while Jim thought about his words.

At the address 1234 Golden King met Golden Prince for the first time. Golden Prince was so surprised to see Golden King that he fell down. Golden King levitated Golden Prince back up and they got acquainted. After a while Golden King brought up the question, "Will you help me trap some villains in jail, my friend?"

Golden Prince simply said, "Yes, Golden King." They both left thinking of a plan.

In the gorilla castle the monkey had finally made the gorillas understand that the monkeys needed help. Chief Bgbahbooen XX said that he would send three soldiers, the best he had, all dressed in gold and silver, to Monkeyville.

At the gate of the town the golden royalties Golden King, Golden Prince and Golden Page started flying to the villains. Golden King was leading the way, Golden Prince was struggling to answer (88+62)-(0+80), Golden Page was dropping flowers on people. Suddenly just as Golden King was telling Golden Prince to understand that there was no such thing as "Ninetysixty" a tree shot up in front of them and they flew straight in out of momentum.

A bunch of lady monkeys inside shrieked with alarm as the three royalties shot down the elevator with the ladies. The King monkey Monkeylork came in with 7 armed monkeys and decided that they must be the baboons.

At the battle ground of dogs and monkeys the Golden Trio were astounded: Dogs were throwing collars, bones and their own barks! The monkeys were jumping on dogs' heads, throwing coconuts, and whacking everywhere with tree branches. "I tell you we are not monkeys, you monkeys!" said the exasperated Golden Prince.

The monkeys said, "EJSY DYTSMHR YS:K@ YJRU LRR{ DSUOMH Monkey@" (What Strange Talk! They keep saying Monkey!)

Golden King tried, "Please! We are not monkeys and we're on a mission!"

His only reply was, "Please we're not monkeys and we're on a mission/EJSY FP YJRU >RSM/" (Please we are not monkeys and we're on a mission? What do they mean?)

Golden Page was about to try his own luck when a dog jumped on him. Golden King levitated the dog off and threw him on a dog that was biting Golden Prince. The two dogs fell on a monkey's head and the monkey attacked the Golden Trio. Golden Page instantly flew away and became a page in another castle. Soon Golden Prince and Golden King were fighting to keep the enraged monkeys off, that was when the real gorillas arrived. Soon the place was in shreds, and Golden King and Golden Prince had disappeared.

In the air beside Monkeyville two golden-dressed people flew through the air. Golden Prince asked where they were. Golden King replied, "We should be there soon."

In the underground laboratory that I have told you about Arguetok was working on another two bombs. That was when Golden King and Golden Prince zipped in. Golden King said "You'll never kill anyone again!" Arguetok jumped. "Do you surrender?" was then asked of him.

Arguetok said a defiant answer: "No!"

Golden Prince lunged at Arguetok but tripped on a wire. Electricity flowed through Golden Prince as he fell, during this "shocking" fall Arguetok escaped. Golden King healed Golden Prince and they both ran after Arguetok.

In another part of the laboratory Yellowlor was wondering when his boss would be back. Golden King and Golden Prince, hiding in the shadows guessed his thoughts. Golden King and Golden Prince flew on with hands at the ready to capture Yellowlor. Yellowlor pulled out a gun and fired a few wild shots, one gave Golden King a cut on the shoulder, another hit the ground, another hit a super-strong rope holding up a metal block.

Twip! The rope broke and the metal came crashing down at them, they barely missed being hit as the heavy block landed. The force of the impact set machines all over falling in on them, that was when the generator fell. With metal and live wires falling all around them they were unexpectedly in the dark. Golden King had to spin his sword around for them to see at all, several machines were cut to pieces by the sword. Electricity flowed all over and reached the bombs in the place's warehouse.

B O O M A L O O M K A B O O M C R A C K A R R O O M!

In the midst of the explosion Golden King cast a force field all over the group. "Now that the fireworks are over," he said, "I think Golden Prince should take you to jail." Golden Prince flew off with Yellowlor over his back. Golden King flew off after Arguetok.

In the house 6193 Arguetok slammed the door and locked it, he had seen Golden King coming. Golden King burst in and told Arguetok: "Surrender and go to prison or be captured and go to prison!"

Arguetok said he'd take neither, and calmly threw a bomb at Golden King, but Golden King's sword materialized and split the Bomb asunder. Arguetok was not done yet! Arguetok drew a sword and a fierce sword fight ensued, finally Golden King disarmed Arguetok. Arguetok then leaped on Golden King's back and dragged him out.

At the Railroad two things were coming: The first was a train, the second was Arguetok dragging Golden King. Arguetok threw Golden King -- securely bound -- on the railroad tracks to wait for the train. Arguetok left with a look of delight on his face.

Golden Prince came flying in and quickly pulled Golden King off the track. Once he had caught his breath Golden King asked: "Thanks! How did you know I was here?"

"Your thought impulses led me to you."

"I don't understand...."

"Me neither, let's get Arguetok!" They both flew away, Golden Prince healing Golden King.

In the ruins of an ancient castle a thug opened a gate for Arguetok. Arguetok gave his servant a suit of armor and a sword, and told him to overpower anyone who came.

Later... Jack came walking up to the Castle whistling a merry tune. He came up to the guard and was immediately seized and carried off.

In the throne room of the castle Jack was hauled up in front of Arguetok. Arguetok was dressed in a costume of silk and wore a golden crown. Jack asked a simple question in a tear-stained tone, "Why did your guard bring me here?"

"To torture you in all the ways possible! To dunk you in boiling oil and cut you apart!"

Pow!! Golden Prince had flown in and had just punched Arguetok. Jack turned into Golden King and knocked the guard out. The Golden Duo shook hands and hauled the two villains off to jail.

* * *

The jester and the fortune-teller sprawled themselves out on the floor and went to sleep after a long day and a long tale.

The End!


Copyright © 1998 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
Written 5/98
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