* Chapter 1: Out of the Blue
* Chapter 2: "You're an Ornament!"
* Chapter 3: Big Catch
* Chapter 4: Jewel Thieves
* Chapter 5: The Terror of Invisibleman
* Chapter 6: "This'll Shine Some Light on the Matter"


Chapter 1: Out of the Blue

Introduction: In this chapter our hero shall make his appearance, and start his worldwide crime fighting.

We see an elderly woman walking along the street. She passes a dark alley. As she passes it, three men in dark masks jump out behind her. One of the masked men clenches his fist, and knocks the woman a severe blow. As he reaches out for another blow, a streak of light goes straight into his eyes. Groping around to find out where his punch should go, he feels another one of his gang and mistakenly punches him. The man falls, out cold. The third man bends over the fallen man.

As the lady starts screaming for police, a sloshing ball hits the partly-blinded man and sends him falling onto the third man, knocking all three of them out. As the police come running, a strange car emerges from the water near the dock As the police start questioning the strange car, it explains that it's Hydro-Plane, and that it comes to the surface whenever it is needed, besides hunting for sunken pirate treasure, Hydro-Plane dives, comes up again, goes down, and finally comes up onto the dock, heaving a fishing net full of gold and silver.


Chapter 2: "You're an Ornament!"

As Hydro-Plane and the police rummage through the net, Hydro-Plane finds something he had not noticed: a model of a shark, made entirely of amethysts. "That's odd," says Hydro-Plane, "I didn't see this while I was collecting these." He suddenly hears a voice from the amethysts: "And no wonder you didn't -- I swam in."

"Who said that?" ask the police.

The amethyst shark turns its snout towards the police. "I did," it says, "'cause I'm quite sure you didn't."

Hydro-Plane laughs. but the police stand dumbfounded. "Er, thanks," says one of the policemen, "I really must be distributing this treasure and taking these three robbers to jail."

A brief introduction between Hydro-Plane and the shark follows, and Hydro-Plane asks "But if you're made of amethysts, how are you alive?"

"Well you're a car, aren't you?" asks the amethyst shark. "So how are you alive? It comes to the same thing in the end."

Hydro-Plane and the amethyst shark quickly become close friends, and although Hydro-Plane seldom tells the amethyst shark to be an ornament (sitting still for a short time without saying anything), sometimes the amethyst shark refuses, and Hydro-Plane has to use a whole lot more than persuading.


Chapter 3: Big Catch

One day Hydro-Plane and the amethyst shark hear an important news bulletin on the radio as they drive by a radio store: "Attention all citizens! Please keep your valuables locked up tight. Lately a gang of robbers has broken into the city. They have already robbed one of our city's museums, and have held up a train for the money it was carrying. Meanwhile we shall give our good citizens the description of these robbers: they're clothed in metal gadgets. They're also very tricky: they once disguised themselves as police, arresting several innocent people and robbing them at the same time."

"Did you hear that?" asks Hydro-Plane, "We can't have a bunch of criminals running around the city, can we?"

"No," says the amethyst shark, "we can't. But what can we do?"

"I have an idea," says Hydro-Plane.

* * *

Now it was in all the newspapers: Priceless Amethyst Displayed in Top Floor of the Museum of Archeology.

Hydro-Plane is waiting on the top flight of spiral steps of the Museum of Archeology, waiting for the trio of robbers to emerge. He has taken extra precautions, and installed trip wires around the case that contains the amethyst, so if anyone trips the trip wire, hundreds of stun balls would fly towards the case. Hydro-Plane finally sees someone in metal gadget clothes rushing up the stairs. His face exactly matches one of the robbers he'd seen in a photo given to him by the police. Hydro-Plane shoots off a stun ball and topples the thief. The other two robbers emerge and meet with the same fate as the first. And on one of them he finds a badge reading "Professor Moonlight, 1554." Hydro-Plane dials 911 on the museum telephone, after using small missiles to blow up the robbers' gadgets. The robbers are quickly arrested by the police, and Hydro-Plane lets the amethyst shark out of the case.


Chapter 4: Jewel Thieves

Hydro-Plane goes home. As Hydro-Plane opens the door, a bucket falls on him, and a bomb falls out and explodes from impact! Quickly Hydro-Plane swims off to a boat dock. While being fixed he hears a broadcast on the radio: "Two thieves have stolen some jewels; they are headed for the Statue of Liberty!" When fixed, he drives out after the jewel thieves. Our hero dodges past several sea mines and then spots the thieves on Liberty's torch.

"Come down here!" says Hydro-Plane.

"Nevearrgghhhh......" yell the thieves as they fall into the seas.

Luckily the jewels fall into Hydro-Plane, and it is a happy ending for all.


Chapter 5: The Terror of Invisibleman

One day Hydro-Plane is relaxing when he is grabbed by the air! He floats in this manner until he reaches a pit of fire. He is thrown in! Hydro-Plane keeps his wits -- while falling, he shoots out a bunch of sloshing balls so he lands on a path of floating balls. He then drives back to shore and follows the footsteps to a building with the address 1910.

When the footsteps leave, Hydro-Plane slips in and leaves a note on the table. When the footsteps finally come to Pier 12, a man falls down onto the pier and some stolen silver falls out of his pocket. Hydro-Plane calls the police on his car-phone. He is then allowed to have a vacation in the tropics.


Chapter 6: "This'll Shine Some Light on the Matter"


* to be continued *


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