The Knight the Aliens Landed


This story began with two big castles. One belonged to some Royal Knights, and the other belonged to some Dragon Knights. Both castles were under siege by a few Foresters. And then, two Space Exploriens entered the scene. But unlike most Exploriens, these were two Exploriens who had still not developed a way to replace their knight clothes. One was a Royal Explorien, and one was a Dragon Explorien. The Dragon Explorien was true to his side, and stayed to fight with the Dragon Knights castle, whereas the Royal Knight Explorien took both sides: the side of the Royal Knights, and the side of the attacking Foresters. And then, the Royal Knight Explorien helped topple the Royal Knights castle onto the Royal Knights.

Then, satisfied, the Royal Knight Explorien helped the Dragon Explorien and the other Dragon Knights build a barricade. And then, the Royal Knight Explorien took a fancy to being launched from the Dragon Knights catapult. Once, the catapult master launched him too hard, and broke the catapult in the process. Oh, the Royal Knights Explorien launched all right, but he launched the catapult to pieces. Now I forgot to tell you something, which explains a bit of something later: in the Royal Knights castle, which is currently knocked down, there were two monkeys, who went to the Dragon Knights castle, where there was another monkey.

Now, out of the blue, came two new recruits for the attacking foresters. One was Miss Julia, the lovely lass with blue armor and black ax, and the other was a beast that was kind of like a centaur, only it also had a horse head. It had arms, as well, and it was holding a black dagger. Now the centaur showed Miss Julia a way to get into the castle, showing that she could climb on the horse part of his back, climb up the wall, climb up the debris of the catapult, up the gatehouse cracks, and knock down the sleeping Dragon Explorien -- the one soldier who was not posted behind the barricade.

But Miss Julia merely laughed and said, "Climb? I can flip!" And after she had said these words, plainly flipped over the walls of the castle. She flipped up on top of the gatehouse, and she did not knock down the Dragon Explorien. She merely flipped onto a tall ornament, and pushed it enough that it fell straight down into the main room. But before she fell down, she flipped over to the other tall ornament on the other side, and did likewise, this time coming to rest again on the gatehouse.

I will not tell you the battle that happened next, except that only the attacking Foresters and the three monkeys were alive at the end. And one more thing: the Royal Knight Explorien would still be alive if his visor had not been opened, for he -- unlike the Dragon Explorien -- was an alien, and could not breathe in air. The three monkeys escaped. One of them, the one named Kook-kook, dreamed of making an animal army, and he definitely succeeded, recruiting many. His army was made of himself, two baby horses, two stable girls, the monkey called Cocoa and the other monkey, Captain Guano and his bird brigade, two fire-breathing dragons (one black with transparent orange wings, and the other green with red wings), a crocodile in his own makeshift airplane (he was breathing flame too), a spy named Treewalker, a knight with armor and a black dragon helmet covered in plumes, and a living black dragon helmet covered in fire-breathing dragons and holding the dragon flag of life.

Kook-kook sent Treewalker to spy in the newly-built castle. He managed to get in, all right, but there was just one problem with the entire plan: Kook-kook and the army never counted on Treewalker falling in love with Miss Julia. No matter what the Forester cavalry officer thought of it, he couldn't sway the loving couple.

*to be continued*


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