The Legion of
Self-driving Cars


1. Just who are the "Legion of Self-driving cars"?

The cars are a group of pretty and a few ugly cars, some have powers. Here are some with powers:

  • Magician: Is a magician.
  • Bulldogs: Eat more than is possible.
  • Phantom team: Can all turn invisible.
  • Thunder bolt and Blue rocket car: Can Fly!

2. The cars unite.

The car "Hotwheels Racer" zoomed along the track of a raceway with fans cheering his driver on; the car had no idea he was alive. Suddenly the car hit a wall, and unknowingly said "Ouch!" When the car found out it was alive it drove out to the streets, and went to a grassy hill to think things over.

A forklift in a building site thought about his lot. (He knew he could think but didn't think he was alive.) He would work from controls picking stuff up as long has someone was in him. Finally he tried to open something on him by wanting to with his thoughts: his mouth opened and the word "Approximately" came out. He tried the same thing with his wheels, and drove along turning the steering wheel with his thoughts.

A pretty red and black futuristic car was sitting in a "Cars Through the Ages" exhibit. The car suddenly got tired and accidentally talked. After learning words from the humans he told the other cars how to talk. He wished he could drive, and he went careening through the museum telling the cars around and in the parking lot how to drive.


* to be continued *


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