A long time ago, in a Legoland far far away ...

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It was a time of civil peace for the citizens of Legopolis. Pizza Pizzarini's Pizzaria was thriving. Kook and Clunky, the little monkeys, were doing fine with their Ice Cream Parlor, and the Air Fighter's Weaponry was bristling with weapon points. The Anti-Crimers island was still under octopus watch, and none of the boats had been sabotaged. Here are a collection of stories of their peaceful life in Legopolis: the city of peace and non-destruction.

Chapter 1: Pizza Pizzarini's Pizzaria

Once upon a time, there was a rocky landscape. Now it is a blooming pizzaria. We'll watch it as a pizzaria and not a rocky landscape.

"Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring!!!"

"OK, OK, I can hear you! This is Papa Pizzarini. Can I help you?"

"Hello. This is Mac O'Surf. Could you deliver a grape popsicle over to the beach? The sun's getting hot. I've got the 20-gold with me."

"Sure thing, Mac! Whew! That's the second call in a row. Pizza Boy -- take this popsicle and deliver it to the beach. Get on your skateboard. Pizza Girl -- take these two pizzas. Get in the lunar moon buggy and deliver them to the jail. Oh yes, and take the drink of water, too -- the prisoners are parched."

Two plastic mouths that could not move chorused together, "Aye aye, Papa!" The skateboard was soon out of sight, with the lunar moon buggy rolling along behind.

"Ring, ring!!!"

"Hello, this is Papa speaking. Who are you?"

"This is Kook." "No, you're talking to Clunky -- I'm Kook. Clunky's getting mixed up. Now listen, Clunky -- I'm the one talking on the phone, and I'm Kook!"

"Er, excuse me ... Kook or Clunky, whichever monkey you are, could you please state your order?"

"Oh yes, sorry! And I'm Kook. Could you please bring one of each kind of your alien ice creams to the Ice Cream Parlor?"

"OK. Eek, at this rate we're going to have to get more workers! Mama, you take these ice creams and walk to the parlor -- don't forget, first turn you get to, take a left."

"OK, I got it. Second turn I get to, I take a right."

"No, no! First turn left, not second turn right. Second turn right would get you to Alex's Everything Store."

"OK, two alien ice creams to the Ice Cream Parlor. You know, why do they need alien ice cream? They've got an ice cream parlor and they have alien ice cream."

"Search me! Anyway, don't forget: first turn, turn left."

"OK, I got it: first turn turn left. See ya!"

"Whew! At least that's over with. Wait, there's someone at the door. Hello Richwolf, how can I help you?"

"I'd like two jalapeno, red-pepper, pepperoni and cheese, double-garlic and anchovy pizzas. And here's your money." he finished, handing Papa a diamond.

"Thank you," said Papa, his face as unshowing of emotion as Richwolf's. "Warm or cold?"


Papa extended his two-fingered plastic hands to the pizzas, clamped his four fingers around the two pizzas, and gently pulled them off the bumps. Richwolf ate a while, gave the two-by-two round pizza plates back to Papa, attached himself to the bumps on the Richwolf money-mobile, and flew off.

* to be continued *


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