A list of most of Sam and Arthur's Lego sets

This list was getting so long that we took it out of Sam's Lego page and just gave it its own page.

Anyway, yes, Sam's room really is wall-to-wall Legos and books, and lately Lego people have been colonizing other parts of the house as well. Besides the sets listed below Sam and Arthur also have some Mega Bloks sets and blocks (not as well made as Lego, but they have some colors that Lego doesn't), and lots of Legos from thrift stores, auctions (such as Auczilla), and garage sales, including a big old German Lego train set.

Sam and/or Arthur will write descriptions/comments on some of these sets when they get to it. BTW, very few of these sets are still put together in any sense of the word -- most of them were pretty quickly taken apart and then their pieces used to make new things. Oh, and they also have a lot of Duplo ("big Lego") sets.

Click the names below for pictures and detailed descriptions (often including links to scans of the building instructions, and people and/or places that have them for sale) of these sets on the LUGNET (International Lego Users Group Network) web site.

  1. Blaze Commander: Extravagant firefighter -- chief of the firefighters!
  2. Pizza to Go: Pizza sale, as you might have guessed! Comes complete with driver for pizza truck, chef and customer.
  3. Recon Robot: One of the sneakiest spies in Spyrius -- watch out, he'll take a picture of you brushing your teeth!
  4. Saucer Scout: Another Spyrius thing. Comes complete with video camera, Spyrius man and protecting hood. Several engines face all around. I think it is a great spaceship!
  5. Sea Sprint 9: Aquanaut sea ship! Has hood like the Saucer Scout. Comes complete with Aquanaut, breathing helmet with harpoons, sea ship, grab-arm, protecting hood and floats.
  6. Shark Scout: Aquashark sea ship. Tamer of sharks. Got some wild sharks? He'll tame them!
  7. Aero Hawk
  8. Alien Avenger
  9. All Terrain Trapper
  10. Alpha Team ATV
  11. Amazon Ancient Ruins
  12. Anakin's Podracer
  13. Android Base
  14. Arctic Expedition
  15. Arctic Value Pack
  16. Armada Flagship
  17. Armada Sentry
  18. Baja Buggy
  19. Bandit Ambush
  20. Bandit's Secret Hideout
  21. two Bandit's Wheelgun sets
  22. two Basic Building Sets
  23. two Bat Lord sets
  24. Bat Lord's Catapult
  25. Beach Rescue Chopper
  26. Bi-Wing Baron
  27. Bi-Wing Blaster
  28. Black Knight
  29. Black Knight's Boat
  30. Black Knight's Ram
  31. Blizzard Baron
  32. Boulder Cliff Canyon
  33. Bounty Boat
  34. Buccaneers
  35. Bug Blaster
  36. Bull's Dragon
  37. Bull's Horse Cart
  38. Buried Treasure
  39. Cabin Cruiser
  40. Carriage Ride
  41. Castle Accessories
  42. Catapult Crusher
  43. Celestial Sled
  44. two Chief's Teepee sets
  45. City People
  46. Com-Link Cruiser
  47. Countdown Corner
  48. Crater Critters
  49. Crater Cruiser
  50. Crocodile Cage
  51. Cross Bone Clipper
  52. Crystal Crawler
  53. Crystal Scavenger
  54. Curse of the Pharoah
  55. Cyber Saucer
  56. Cyborg Scout
  57. Dark Forest Fortress
  58. two Diagon Alley Shops sets
  59. Double Hover
  60. Dragon Defender
  61. Dragon Wagon
  62. Droid Escape
  63. Droid Fighter
  64. Dumper
  65. Easter Rabbit
  66. Emperor's Stronghold
  67. F1 Race Car
  68. F1 Racer
  69. The Final Challenge
  70. Forbidden Cove
  71. two Fort Legoredo sets
  72. Freestyle Suitcase Set
  73. Fright Force
  74. Fun Fair
  75. Gas N' Go Flyer
  76. Ghost with Wolfpack Renegade
  77. Go Cart
  78. Gold City Junction
  79. Granite Grinder
  80. Grip-n-Go Challenge
  81. Gungan Patrol
  82. Hats and Wigs
  83. Helicopter Transport
  84. Hover Scout
  85. Hovertron
  86. Hydro Racer
  87. Ice-Sat V
  88. Imperial AT-ST
  89. Insectoid polybag set
  90. Islander Catamaran
  91. Jet Scooter
  92. Jungle Surprise
  93. King Kahuka
  94. King Leo
  95. King Leo's Castle
  96. King's Carriage
  97. King's Mountain Fortress
  98. Klutz Press's "Lego Crazy Action Contraptions"
  99. Knight's Stronghold
  100. Lagoon Lock-up
  101. Land Jet 7
  102. Landing Plates
  103. Landscape Loader
  104. Land Speeder
  105. Lava Roborider
  106. Lego Chess King
  107. Lego Santa
  108. Lego Snowman
  109. Lewa
  110. two Lightsaber Duel sets
  111. Loader Dozer
  112. Lunar Rover
  113. Magic Shop
  114. Mail Carrier
  115. Majisto's Magical Workshop
  116. Majisto's Tower
  117. three Medieval Knights sets
  118. Millimy the Fairy
  119. Millimy's House
  120. Mobile Security Robot
  121. Mono Jet
  122. Moon Walker
  123. Naboo Swamp
  124. Ninja Knights
  125. Ninja Surprise
  126. Oasis Ambush
  127. Ogel Command Striker
  128. Ogel Mutant Killer Whale
  129. Party Celebration
  130. Pirate Comic
  131. Pirate's Plunder
  132. Pit Droid
  133. Planetary Decoder
  134. Pohatu
  135. two Pontoon Plane sets
  136. Pumpkin Pack
  137. Quidditch Practice
  138. Race Elements
  139. Radon Rover
  140. Raft Raiders
  141. four Rain Dance Ridge sets
  142. Rapid Rider
  143. Rapid River Village
  144. Raven Racer
  145. Recon-Mech RP
  146. Recon Ray
  147. Red Planet Cruiser
  148. Research Glider
  149. River Expedition
  150. River Raft
  151. River Runners
  152. Road Rescue (Sam won it and a Freestyle polybag set in a library Lego-building contest)
  153. Robo Raider
  154. Robo Raptor
  155. Rock Raiders
  156. Rover
  157. two Royal Joust sets
  158. three Royal King sets
  159. Royal Knight's Castle
  160. Samurai Stronghold
  161. two Samurai Swordsman sets
  162. Sand Dollar Cafe
  163. Saucer Centurion
  164. Scorpion Tracker
  165. Scuba
  166. Scuba Squad
  167. Sea Claw 7
  168. Sea Creeper
  169. Sea Hunter
  170. Sea Mates
  171. Sea Serpent
  172. Seaplane
  173. Shanghai Surprise
  174. Shark Attack
  175. Shark's Crystal Cave
  176. Sheriff's Lock-up
  177. two Sheriff's Showdown sets
  178. two Shoot 'n Score sets
  179. Silver 25th Anniversary Bucket
  180. Skeleton Crew
  181. Skeleton Lockup
  182. Skeleton Surprise
  183. Smuggler's Shanty
  184. Snowmobile
  185. Solo Sub
  186. Sonic Stinger
  187. Sorting Hat
  188. two Space / Castle Value Pack sets
  189. Space Dart-I
  190. Space Explorers
  191. Spaceport Bonus Pack
  192. Speeder Bikes
  193. Sphinx Secret Surprise
  194. two Spy Shark sets
  195. Street Sweeper
  196. Sunset Stables
  197. Swamp Roborider
  198. Time Tunnelator
  199. Tractor Trailer Cab
  200. Traitor Transport
  201. three Treasure Guard sets
  202. Treasure Tomb
  203. Tribal Chief
  204. Troll on the Loose
  205. Turbo
  206. Turbo Champs
  207. Tusken Raider Encounter
  208. Twin Tank Transporter
  209. Ultralight
  210. two V-Wing Fighter sets
  211. Vampire's Crypt
  212. Walking Astro Grappler
  213. Water Jet
  214. Wave Saver
  215. two Weapons Wagon sets
  216. two White Ninja sets
  217. Wind Runners
  218. three Witch's Windship sets
  219. two Wolfpack Renegades sets
  220. various Lego keychains


And a list of Sam and Arthur's Mega Bloks (Lego "clones") sets

Sam wanted to list the Mega Bloks sets as well. They're not as well made as Lego (especially the mini-figs -- yuck!), but they have some nice colors (such as lots of purple) that Lego doesn't.

  1. two 1000-piece buckets
  2. Catapult
  3. Shopping Avenue
  4. Triceratops
  5. two Viking Ships
  6. Repzyllian Trekker
  7. Cyborian Rover

Actually, the minifigs in the last two sets are pretty cool -- a robot with a chrome head, and two four-legged aliens -- but the quality and tolerance of the plastic is still definitely inferior to that of real Lego blocks.

Sam and Arthur also have one Ramagon set -- the Mars Colony Command Center. And they have a fancy purple, pink and white "Coko" castle set.


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