Neverfailing Nine Adventures: Introduction

Once in a galaxy a strange comet from Galaxy 99 came straight into Galaxy 100 and then exploded. Now, this was no ordinary comet as a wizard called Magic Feats had taken pity on Galaxy 100 because unlike Galaxy 101 and Galaxy 99 and all the rest, it did not have any planets at all! It was a dull sky of stars, with only the portholes to Galaxy 99 and to Galaxy 101, and the bunch of stars.

So, when the comet exploded, it turned into three planets, and on each planet, two animals, boy and girl, every kind. Now, these animals grew and thrived, and soon the place was filled, but not too crowded - there was still lots of room left for extra. Now, when the monkeys thrived, and the gibbons and the baboons and all the other kinds of apes, they started evolving into humans, as the ones on Earth had. Now, some of these humans had a bit of the power left of the wizard's comet, and some used it for good magic and some for bad.

Now, when two hundred years from that time, which is when the story really began, there were hundreds of superheroes but unfortunately more were using the comet's magic for bad than for good. But when a grasshopper , which is what started this whole entire story, was walking along on an adventure where he happened to meet with some of the goons who used the magic for bad. Fortunately, this clever grasshopper managed to avoid them all. Finally, he came to a villain named Rainbow, who claimed to be the Conqueror Of The Galaxy. Of course, this was not true.

How could one single human with a rainbow-colored protective suit and a power sword conquer a whole galaxy, especially the planet Venus, which was thriving with Gods? But while Grass the grasshopper nearly at the end of his courage was desperately fighting Rainbow, an unknown person whose identity has not been guessed even a thousand years from the time this is happening was climbing through the earth. Finally, while Grass was starting to admit defeat, the unknown person finally managed to get his arms out of the soil and strap some armor which Grass has worn from this day onto Grass.

Grass started to recover his wits as he was not being hit by the power blasts anymore; as the armor was protecting him he started to regain his strength. Finally, when he had all his strength healed back, and his wits and his courage, the fearless grasshopper butted Rainbow headfirst into a rock.

Then, Grass continued on his adventure. Along the way, he encountered a giant bird cage. Inside it was his now-trusty friend, Friendly the crab. After some persuasion from Friendly, Grass let the crab out, and from then on to pay the debt Friendly has been Grass's close companion. Now, these two adventurers encountered hills and other obstacles but no villains. Now, two times Grass and Friendly, who were now fully introduced, were sucked into strange magic circles.

Now, from these magic circles, Grass and Friendly gained their powers. They both got an ability to phase through anything without any magic resistance to their power. Friendly also got a spider sense (to find out what that is, you'd best read some Spider-Man comics) and Grass got an ability to control the weather.

A thousand or so years from this time, Friendly's spider sense started to wear off, but Grass's weather power seems to wear on and on and on and never stop. Now these two gathered together a team, and finally settled on a name, Neverfailing Nine, which you can find out in Silly NN (Neverfailing Nine) Stories, book 1.


Copyright © 1995 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
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