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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: How it started
  • Chapter 2: Ocean-Explorer-Sea in "The Meeting of Jon"
  • Chapter 3: How Ocean-Explorer-Sea learned Jon wasn't bad
  • Chapter 4: The first meeting with a shark
  • Chapter 5: Doc Ock
  • Chapter 6: Where goes the explorer, the pirate follows
  • Chapter 7: Saved


Chapter 1: How it started

Once upon a time, or should I say in a time, Ocean-Explorer-Sea and his sea ship were being put together by the maker of this book. The minute the whole thing was put together, Ocean-Explorer-Sea went off shark hunting (after putting his oxygen helmet down, so the screen would go over his mouth and he wouldn't die from breathing water).

At first, Ocean-Explorer-Sea didn't find any sharks. Instead, he met Arthur and Tané. (At first he thought Arthur was "a Arthur" or "the Arthur," but later he found out he wasn't. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, and skipping a lot of the story.)

His ship looks like the following: The front of the ship at the part most closest to Ocean-Explorer-Sea when he's facing his controls has a shark head with crossed red lines under, like a skull and cross-bones, except it's a shark and cross-lines. Further on, on the front of the ship, there is a kind of strange shape, which I can't really explain. It's a bit like a square because it has four places where the lines go into a different direction. Inside the shape there's a circle with eight dots, none touching each another. Inside these dots is a solid blue circle with a white dot.

All right. His controls look like: At the tops where he holds them (that "he" is Ocean-Explorer-Sea, as you might have guessed) there are little gray spheres. There are gray lines coming out of them on a side which doesn't point up to Ocean-Explorer-Sea. Those gray lines on the other side of them connect to little blue spheres. These blue spheres connect to the ship.

Why don't I put in a picture of it? It'll be much easier than imagining it in your mind.

(a picture of Ocean-Explorer-Sea's sea ship)
The ship is symmetrical on the side you can't see to the side you can see.

(We will notice that he has harpoons on his back. He uses them for killing sharks. As a matter of fact, his sea ship is called Shark Scouter.)

As we were saying, he didn't find any sharks at first. Instead, he met Arthur and Tané. Before he could tell where he was going, he had to know where he was. So, he explored the place, which I suppose is fit for his name.

One day, he found sunken treasure. Gold, every bit of it. Pirates' gold. The only place he could hide it was in a little compartment which was inside his ship.

He was a loner in his travels around, doing his job, which was ridding the sea of the stupid sharks. So, he bought a for-sale mansion which used to belong to "Friendly", a crab who will be introduced in "Never-Failing Nine stories."

All the furniture he had was a bed, a chair, and a desk with no bottom. Actually, it wasn't a desk because he didn't use it except that he put the treasure chest and the oxygen helmet with the harpoons under it. He locked it to the floor, which could only be opened by a key, which he kept in the secret compartment of his ship.


Chapter 2: Ocean-Explorer-Sea in "The Meeting of Jon"

One day Ocean-Explorer-Sea awoke in his bed and started eating some shark meat, which he had gotten from his friend Shark-Killer-Sea. When he was done, he went over to his ship, took the key out and opened up the desk. He took out an oxygen helmet, took one harpoon and put it into hand, even though he wasn't in the water yet. Then, with his free hand, he locked the desk down to the ground again.

Now he went over to the ship again, and put the key back into the secret compartment of his ship. Next, he took the two flippers, or should we say fins, and put them onto his feet. Then, after making sure the secret compartment was closed, he went down to the beach, slipped down the screen of his oxygen helmet, and dived in. He thought, "Hmm, before I go shark hunting I think I'll visit Arthur and Tané, but I'd better remember to stay out of the path of that Arthur, he's smaller and he's deadlier than Tané." (He meant, more likely to grab him up and eat him.)

He thought, "Which way was it? Aha! That's it!" and zoomed off to their coral cave. After saying hi and making sure to stay away from the Arthur's hand, as he went out he was nearly stepped on by something about the height of Tané, who he found in a while was called "Jon" (as you might have guessed from the title of this chapter). He decided to stay with the Arthur and Tané. But before he came back to stay with them, he went back to his house, put his fins onto the back of his ship, put the harpoons so they would stick out of the front of the ship, after making sure that they wouldn't mess with any of the controls which were used to direct his ship and spin his propeller.

(He put the harpoons in the front of his ship so he could stick Jon with them.) When he got back, Jon was no longer there, but he did confront Tané with a question. It was: That Arthur you have, is he "a Arthur" or "the Arthur?" In other words, is there only one Arthur--or a whole tribe of his kind? Tané answered: his tribe is "People." So is mine. His whole name is Arthur Benjamin Shemitz. There is only one Arthur Benjamin Shemitz in the whole world.

Just then Ocean-Explorer-Sea started to go out -- the harpoons still in the front of his ship. Then Jon started to suddenly come in. Ocean-Explorer-Sea barred Jon's way with his harpoons.


Chapter 3: How Ocean-Explorer-Sea learned Jon wasn't bad

Jon managed to edge by the sea ship, and started babbling stuff away to Tané. Ocean-Explorer-Sea didn't listen to Jon; instead to Arthur Benjamin Shemitz. Just before Jon was about to go out, Tané told him, "Next time watch where you're going!" and told Ocean-Explorer-Sea, "He didn't mean to almost step on you."

Ocean-Explorer-Sea turned to go out of the coral cave, when suddenly he saw a sneaky shark edging up towards him.


Chapter 4: The first meeting with a shark

Ocean-Explorer-Sea leaped out of the Shark Scouter, landed firmly, grabbed a harpoon, and looked as straight at the shark as the shark looked at him (which was not much!). As the shark advanced toward him, Ocean-Explorer-Sea grabbed a long strand of seaweed and tied up the shark's jaws, next grabbed him by the tail, and threw him out of the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific. (And since he had tied-up jaws, he couldn't injure anyone.)

Ocean-Explorer-Sea suddenly felt a bite on his leg. It was another shark. Ocean-Explorer-Sea thought, "After that bite, I can't afford to battle right now!" so instead he simply grabbed the shark and bonked its head against the ground. Ocean-Explorer-Sea quickly jumped into his sea ship and set off to the oyster cave of ...


Chapter 5: Doc Ock

(In case you've read Spider-Man comics, you will think he's visiting someone with two normal arms and four mechanical arms, but that's wrong -- it's just a doctor who's an octopus.) With all eight arms, the octopus managed to bandage up our hero in a short time. Just as Ocean-Explorer-Sea was about to leave, Doctor Octopus gave him some advice: "Have a lot of rest before you go on another adventure, for if you don't, I'm afraid you will be easy prey for the sharks."

Next night, in Ocean-Explorer-Sea's house you could hear "zzzzzzzz." This went on with eating, drinking and thinking, until the next chapter!


Chapter 6: Where goes the explorer, the pirate follows

(Original title for this chapter: "Pirate, pirate, who's got the pirate?") One day it started raining. But Ocean-Explorer-Sea just lied down on his bed and had some leftover shark stew, and listened to the pattering of the rain on the roof. In a while he took a nap. But he had a horrible dream of war. Then there was a click of a gunshot, and after, something heavy sliding. Suddenly he woke up, and saw that not all of it was a dream. The "something heavy sliding" and the click were real, and they had gotten mingled into his dream.

By what was around him, he suspected that someone (who could the someone be?) found the secret compartment in his ship, and thus far took the key (which is why he thought something heavy was sliding in his dream), put the key into its lock (which must have been the click), and (from what was missing) took one of Ocean-Explorer-Sea's harpoons and the treasure chest too. More evidence for the theft was that the key was lying on the ground.

Now let's see, thought Ocean-Explorer-Sea, who would steal something around here? Hmm ... I should have remembered -- my answer's on a piece of paper lying in the corner. It reads, "Theft reports: pirates, pirates, pirates, pirates, etc."

* * *

He asked the Islanders if they knew where the pirates' nest was, but they didn't. He asked Royal Knights and Ice Explorers, but he just got the same answer. He asked Space Police and Belville and found out, and rung up the Sea Police.

He looked through a hole in their cave, and saw his treasure chest surrounded by a crowd of pirates, as well as a parrot. He jumped in, whirling his harpoon like a spear, ducking, dodging, but even so, he was overwhelmed by their numbers.


Chapter 7: Saved

Then the Sea Police showed up, and made quick work of the pirates, but the pirate leader escaped with the treasure chest. Ocean-Explorer-Sea set off in his sea ship, and the Sea Police in their subs, but even so, they wouldn't have caught up with the leader had not Ocean-Explorer-Sea lassoed him with a strand of seaweed and began to tie him up. Then Ocean-Explorer-Sea gave the leader to the Sea Police, to go to jail with the other pirates.


* To be continued in "The Adventures of Shark-Killer-Sea" (book 2 of the sea stories) *


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