Sam's photo exhibit of life on our street

Hello there folks! To begin I must thank Safeway, where I got the camera from. Yes, I took all the pictures in this. This is Sam's photo exhibit of life on our street. It has some of our activities, but please don't send mail to Jon about the picture of him in it. Here are the pictures with descriptions:

A view of the living room, some of our belongings (like the couch), the lamp shown was from my Grandpa. If you look carefully behind the couch, you'll see Arthur's collection of toy horses.
Arthur and I like to build things. Here is a view of a Capsela machine I built, along with assorted Capsela and Ramagon things laying around.
Jon is the one of us who doesn't work at home all the time; here is a picture of him packing to go to an interview. In the background you see his exercise machine.
As I told you, Arthur and I like to build things. Sometimes we build block things. Somehow -- don't ask me how -- things like dust and crumbs get in. So when they fall down, Tané vacuums where they used to be. Here's a picture of her doing just that.
As I'm sure you know, I have my birthday on September 26. Last year I got a present that's called a "Chaos Track." Here's a picture of one of the things I built with it. More of the living room can be seen in other parts of the picture.
Isn't Arthur a floppy boy? Here's a picture of him hunched up on his bed, with everything but his head showing. His head is hidden under some covers. Around him is a view of some of his room.
More of him on his bed; this time he's laying down pretty peacefully. You see all the main things of his bed, and a little Duplo car as well.
Isn't this a cute picture of Art? Here he is, sitting on his bed, brandishing a pillow in an almost frightening way, but with a big smile.
Arthur sometimes likes to play "rabbit." He goes in a little space beside his bed and calls himself a rabbit. I didn't like the expression on him in this one too much, but it is cute what he's doing. Here's also more of what his room looks like.
Here's the other picture of Arthur playing rabbit. On one side of the picture you can see Tané's knee. It is by a Lego set box with the name of "Islander Catamaran." And more of Arthur's room.
Here's a picture of the plants we grow in the front yard. They're all mixed together, so it's kind of hard to see, but oh well. In the top right corner you can see the house where my friend Mitchell used to live.
Arthur likes the fireplace, especially when it's got a fire inside. Here there isn't, but he doesn't seem to mind. Isn't he cute, stretching like that? More of the living room, including a lamp.
Here's a picture that I'm sure you have seen in other parts of my page. However, this has more of the latest things. If you look, you'll see some Lego dragons and non-Lego dragons. They're planning the construction of a castle for dragons. You'll notice a whale's tail and body. That's the Orca whale we like to sit on. Look around -- what can you find?
Arthur and I like to bake. Arthur helps as much as he can, that is, mostly helping with what the cookies look like. Here is a picture of a gingerbread house we made. The other side is more fancy. A view of some of the kitchen is also included. (to be scanned
Here is a view of our street. It's hard to say any more than that. (to be scanned
The oddest materials can be used for Lego people. Here's an example: Starburst wrappers being used as a throne for a Lego person. Boy, doesn't the Lego person's size make the sidewalk block look so small? (to be scanned


P.S. I took more pictures, but these are the sixteen I considered best. I had one really blurred one, and there were some other defects, like taking a picture too close to the object.


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