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Tachyon Labs is now 40 and 26 years old

a picture of me, Tané TachyonIn 1983 I was working at a computer- store-slash-add-on-board-manufacturer doing computer repair, programming, tech writing, training, and so on, and as part of my continuing education my boss encouraged me to use the state-of-the- art search engine of going through Byte and other computer magazines circling "bingo card" numbers for new hardware and software products I was interested in learning more about.

I filled out the bingo cards using my home rather than work address, and I thought I ought to have my own company name as well, to sound more respectable to all these businesses I was wanting to send me stuff. "Tachyon Labs" was the name I came up with, which seemed supremely capable of containing multitudes and covering everything I did -- whether you needed programming, art, mad science, writing, filmmaking, computer repair, baking, what have you, Tachyon Labs would get the job done!

I've continued to use the name happily ever after, and registered the domain tachyonlabs.com on February 27, 1997.

My children Violet and Arthur are now 35 and 29 years old

When I first started putting up web pages back in spring of 1995, I immediately made pages for/about each of my children and featuring many of their creations, interests, and accomplishments. And immediately afterward found out how quickly such pages get out of date -- seriously, if you put up a page about your baby that seems to you like the most beautiful page in the world, before you know it your "baby" will be years older and that beautiful page way out of date.

(8/3/97 pictures of Violet and me and Arthur and me)In that vein, the pictures to the left show me with my children Violet and Arthur when they were almost nine and almost three, and although you can still see the pages I was lovingly maintaining for them at the time here and here (plus our similarly-seriously- outdated games page), they have long since gone on to running their own online lives/presences. These days among many many other places Violet can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Arthur on Facebook and LinkedIn.

2 Android apps

I've published two Android apps to the Google Play Store, and also created companion web sites for each of them on my site:

  • Emoji Cats Word Guess is a fast, friendly, and fun word-guessing game with a whopping database of over 150,000 words, and now also includes Spanish, German, and French levels for language learners.
  • Kitty Todo is the cute cat-themed productivity app that makes it fun and easy to remember things, manage your time, and get things done.

4 and 20 blackbirds web pages

I probably do have at least four and twenty web pages sorely in need of a good overhaul, but here are some of my more up-to-date pages:

More coming soon!

1 little, 2 little, 3 little blogs

In addition to my stand-alone web pages, I've also started three blogs (so far):

(Rosie sez 'Under Construction!')Back in the day, like everybody else I made just no end of "under construction" signs for my web pages. It wasn't even very long afterward that such signs became very much frowned upon, but I've kept my "Rosie" one up anyway because it's become kind of a symbol for me. (BTW, check out Rosie promoting women jazz artists, encryption rights, unions, the Community Women's Orchestra, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the film Miss Representation, and the Queer Youth Task Force -- she gets around!)

"To Tané Tachyon - If not you, who else?" - Terry Pratchett

"... as purple as a love that would last forever" - Julius Lester

"'There's no records of anyone called Tachyon anywhere,' said the woman, her voice suggesting that this was a major criminal offense." - Terry Pratchett

"Tachyon looked like a cross between one of the Three Musketeers and some kind of circus performer." - George R. R. Martin

"Across the dark sea, Tané has trained all her life to be a dragonrider, but is forced to make a choice that could see her life unravel." - Bloomsbury Publishing

"Years later, after a pardon from President John F. Kennedy, Tachyon returned to America." - Wikipedia

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Links to my profiles on some of the other places you can find me online -- I'm pretty active on some of these sites, but with some of the others I've hardly gotten started.

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For 16 years I've run the mailing list for Alternative Family Education (AFE), the Santa Cruz City Schools homeschooling program, and I'm also one of the administrators of the AFE Facebook page.

I run the mailing list and Facebook group for the second-and-fourth-Sundays-of-every-month Santa Cruz Celtic slow jam sessions.