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Mioko Pierre December 20, 2011 at 7:37 pm

I lived with poodles and have 4 with me. One of them is a special and beautiful one and thinking about making and publishing a book with her pictures. I am hoping to get some comments from you.



Tané Tachyon December 21, 2011 at 10:41 am

Hi! On one hand, I don’t actually have any experience with publishing anything yet, but on the other hand, with the Internet it’s definitely easier to find the information you need than ever before. Here are some thoughts on this, though again, as I have not done this myself all I can do is pass on the usual sort of advice rather than personal experience.

I’m not sure if by “a book with her pictures” you mean just a book of photos or a story of her life illustrated with photos or what, but you need to think about exactly what you would want it to be like and who you see the audience as being — would this be for example a chapter book for dog lovers of all ages, or a book to read to young children, or what?

Go to a bookstore to look for books kind of similar to the kind of thing you’re thinking of, or books that make you think “people who like this book would like my book as well”, and take note of who the publishers are. Get the latest copy of the “Writer’s Market” or “Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market” books (alternatively, you can sign up for paid online access to both and others on the writersmarket.com web site), and look up those publishers to see what kinds of books they’re currently looking for, and the exact rules they want you to follow for manuscript/query submissions. Also check those publishers’ web sites to see what additional information they do or don’t have regarding submissions.

If you’re interested in self-publishing, whether just to give copies to friends or offer on your web site, or to sell them on places like Amazon.com, you can find plenty of information about that online, for example Amazon.com’s page about self-publishing both physical books and Kindle books with them. Ditto for producing e-book versions of your book in different formats for the different e-book readers and vendor sites.

Good luck!


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