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Volume 2

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Story 9: Touching up the Castle

One day King Arthur decided that something really must be done about the lookout, so people wouldn't be able to come up on him from behind. So Arthur invented a spinning lookout post. Below the lookout post were two bowmen, and the dungeon was guarded by two spearmen, one of which was Cathy. Arthur made a hallway of guest rooms, a room of bricks and strings and all sorts of things for building. And they also invented a Royal Knight code: any word that was in the code that didn't make sense started with an "R" or a "K".

And for a while, they lived peacefully, until the adventure described in the next story.


Story 10: "We're off to see the Imperials, if ever an Imperial there was!"

There are many countries in Legoland: Ice Planet, Underwater, and Royal Knights are a few, but there is also the Imperial Island. One day one of their biggest boats took off exploring. There was a violent storm, and the boat capsized. One of the Imperials was shipwrecked on the Island of Mazes. In a while, he found himself in a grassy plain. Three Royal Knights, Majisto, and a fire-breathing dragon were also there.

(a picture of an imperial guard)Majisto conjured up a pile of food for the Imperial guard, but in a while of talking, three pirates leaped from the underbrush. So did three Wolfpack members. The Imperial guard gave one of the pirates a blow with his hammer. The dragon knocked over the same one with his tail, and clawed after another one. The Wolfpack King hurled his scepter, and it struck the pirate chief right on the nose. The pirates were taken prisoner by the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack went off with their prisoners, the Royal Knights went off to buy a Legoland newspaper, and only Majisto and his dragon could accompany the Imperial guard in the search for his friends. The dragon flew up, up, up with the Imperial guard hanging onto his tail. Majisto and the Imperial guard looked down, trying to find one of the Imperial guard flags. They did, but they also saw another flag: the skull and crossbones!

The dragon flew down, capsized the pirate boat, landed in the water, and the Imperial guard got off, into the Imperial guard boat, with the dragon and Majisto following. The Sea Police came and put pay to the pirates.

When the Imperial guard and his friends reached the Imperial Island, it had been taken over by pirates. One of the pirates spotted them, and the Imperial boat was almost capsized by a cannonball. They reached cover in Seaman's Cove. They got off and alerted the islanders who lived there. Then, in the Imperial boat and several canoes, the Imperial guards and their friends set off.

An arrow from the islanders wounded the person from the cannon, so that he could not even press the trigger. They landed and stormed inside the island's castle (the island only holds a giant castle). It was streaming with pirates. The dragon's tail swished a few pirates into the wall. The Imperial guards and their hammers seemed to be everywhere. Spears from two different directions sent two pirates running into each other. Imperial guards rushed to the treasure room to make their battle stand.

The rest of them searched the entire castle for any remaining pirates. They found a lot in the control room. One of them was controlling the entire island (the island is just a plain of land on top of a giant ship). A spear whistled against the pirates, throwing them into the dragon's grasp. An invisible cage appeared around the pirates from a wave of Majisto's glow-in-the-dark wand. The only pirate remaining was the one controlling the island, protected by a screen of metal which the Imperial guards had invented. The ship was being steered closer and closer to the land of the pirates. Closer and closer, faster and faster.

Suddenly it stopped. The engine had been punctured. By who, you ask? By the Aquanauts. The island was firmly in place. But the metal screen protecting the one at the controls was not stronger than Majisto's wand. It disappeared, and white magic transferred him into the invisible cage. The pirates were given to the Sea Police.

The Royal Knights thought, "What's going on here? This is supposed to be our story!" But it was: the dragon happened to be their pet.


Story 11: Excellent Excited Explorers Explore

One day King Arthur called the Royal Knights together in the council room. "We know so much yet so little about the land we live in," proclaimed Arthur. "I say that Trickster (my right-hand man), Knighty (Prince of Grace), Majisto (master of mysterious magic), and three of my dragons (for Trickster, Majisto and Knighty to ride) shall go exploring."

* * *

"It's dusk," called Trickster, "better pitch tents."

"Um, yes, but where are the tents?" asked Knighty.

"There they are," answered Majisto, with a wave of his wand.

Knighty went into his and exclaimed, "Why, dinner's prepared!"

The dragons spent the time playing ninepins and blind-man's snuff.

Almost exactly at dawn, Trickster awoke and called to his companions that it was time to hit the air, and they got onto their dragons. They hoped for a quiet explore, but what they found was not the same as what they expected, as you will find out in the next story.


Story 12: Lolly Loto Loves Licking Luscious Lollipops

The dragons had gotten tired out, and so Majisto and his companions had to be walking the dragons. Suddenly Majisto cried, "Look! Up there, an ogre!"

"An Ogre? All I can see is two trees." answered Knighty.

"That's the giant's feet!" said Trickster.

"It must be Lolly Loto, the lollipop licker," said Majisto.

"Watch out for the giant lollipop stick!" cried Knighty.

Majisto transmitted the following words right into the ogre's ear: "Uh, Lolly Loto, could you stop dropping lollipop sticks, so we could pass without getting squashed?"

Majisto somehow felt a nod.

"Advance!" cried Trickster.

They kept going steadily until they met ...


Story 13: Greediboo's Greedy Giant

They came to a forest, and finally, into a clearing with only four trees.

Trickster asked Majisto, "Is that four trees, two giants, or one giraffe?"

"It's one giant on his hands and knees!" screamed Majisto.

"Well well, what have we here?" said the giant, "Dinner perhaps? You seem to be perfect -- I just love squash!"

"Watch out!" cried Trickster, "He's trying to squash us with that giant fist of his!"

The giant said, "Hers, actually," and continued trying to squash them.

Finally they managed to escape by climbing up the giant's arm. It felt like an earthquake, but oh well.

"That head of yours would make a perfect mashed potato," said the giant to the Prince of Grace.

Finally the Royal Knights were able to use the arm to catapult themselves into a tree. The giant raged after them, calling for her dinner to come back, but tripped on a tree and went lame. The Royal Knights flew to safety on their dragons.


Story 14: Four Ferocious Frogs

In a while they landed, 'cause their dragons were "fired out." They landed by four frightening-faced lily pads, with four frowning frogs on them. One of the frowning frogs said "Scat!" Still another said "Go away!" and a third said "Keep out!" The fourth grabbed a fly-swatter and cried, "If you don't leave here immediately, why ... I'll swat you!" And even though the dragons were tired, the Royal Knights had to fly away anyway.

But after they had cleared the pond, they landed, for as you know, frogs can't survive out of water for long. And now, remarkable reader, we shall end this story and begin the next one, which is called ...


Story 15: Excellent Excited Explorers End Exploring

Trickster said, "This country is too dangerous -- if we ever explore it again, we'll take the precaution of having more people to help us."

"I know what you mean," said Majisto, "let's go home."

"Which way back to the castle?" asked Knighty.

"We're at it, can't you see?" asked Majisto with a wave of his wand.

"Majisto!" called King Arthur, "Someone stole your magic bola!" (equals "ball")


Story 16: Secret Sinister Spells Stolen

"My magic bola? What is that?" asked Majisto.

"It's your magic ball," said Trickster.

"Right," said Knighty.

Majisto asked, "Do you have any idea who did it?"

King Arthur drew a notebook out of his pocket. It read:

"In all of Legoland there are four teams of pirates. Their names are Pirate Team 1, Pirate Team 2, Pirate Team 3, and Pirate Team 4. Pirate Team 4 has re-4-med, and Cathy, its cook, is now with us. Pirate teams 2, 3 and 1 are still active. Today, Pirate Team 3 and Pirate Team 1 claim they have reformed. One pirate from team 3 and one pirate from team 1 were spotted yesterday near the crystal ball. When they were questioned today, both of them had excuses for why they were there. The pirate from team 1 said he had lost his way. The pirate from team 3 said that he had traded guard duty with the guard for the magic things. (The guard was nowhere in sight.) Pirate Team 2, at this time, is invading the Wolfpack's island. The guards to the castle are the pirate from team 3 and a different pirate from team 1. Only the pirate from team 1 was at guard when the ball was stolen, and he said that the whole morning he saw nobody come out of the gate."
King Arthur put the notebook back in his pocket, and said, "That's all it reads, but there's this picture:"

(King Arthur's diagram)

*Continued in volume 3*


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