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Volume 5

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Story 33: What Happened to Cathy

(This starts right after the events in story 31.)

Cathy, using all her acrobatic training that she could remember, leaped for the shore as the boat started rushing down beneath her. She had just made it, and started climbing up, when a large wave of the incoming water hit her and she fell back in. For a little while (though it seemed like hours to Cathy) she fell down towards the Earth Elemental's cave. At last she ventured to look down, and seeing how far it was, thought "Cathy old girl, I don't think you're going to make it." Soon after that everything went black.

An hour later she found herself laying on a bed of stones, with some bad bruises on her back. All right, she thought. My back hurts, so this can't be the afterlife, so I must be still alive. Another thing that proves that is that I'm hungry. I wonder if there's anything to eat around here. Suddenly a torrent of water landed on her, and she felt herself being carried along. This is very strange, thought Cathy -- I thought all the water would be gone by now. Carried by the current, Cathy smashed into a metal grate. The water rushed through it; she didn't.

When the ground around her was nothing but damp, she looked around trying to get her bearings. She saw nothing around that was a good landmark except the metal grate. She looked down and saw gasping fishes laying around. Wonderful, thought Cathy sarcastically. I couldn't have asked for better housemates. Suddenly the ground beneath them gave way, and Cathy found herself falling. Hope this isn't as long a pit as last time, she thought. Right after that she landed in a very large net.

"That is no fish!" she suddenly heard a voice say.

"What do you mean, Doctor G. Grinder?" asked another voice.

"I mean," said the voice that Cathy assumed belonged to this "Grinder" fellow, "this lifeform is too big for a fish, and fish do not have hands, Doctor T. Tracker."

"Well," said the second voice, "why not instead of looking through the sonar, use our eyes and find out what it is?"

"It might be a new species," said the first voice. "I'll call our lifeform expert, Doctor D. Driller."

"Sorry to bust in on your conversation," said a third voice, "but I heard my name mentioned. What's the problem?"

"We have discovered a lifeform that is not a fish in the fishing net," said the second voice.

Cathy thought: I wonder if they can hear me?

"Turn on the skeleton-forms viewer," said the third voice, who she assumed to be Doctor D. Driller.

"Hello, can anybody hear me? Help!" shouted Cathy.

If the three voices heard, they gave no sign. "Amazing," said the third voice, "this seems to be the human skeleton setup."

"But humans don't live in the sea!" said the first voice.

"Instead of using the latest equipment," said the second voice, "let us use our eyes."

"Oh very well," said the first voice.

Cathy heard some footsteps. A while later, Cathy heard the voices again. "Darn it, I'm lost. This is the balcony." "Here's the map." A little while later, Cathy heard a door open. "Hello, are there any humans in here?" shouted the third voice.

Cathy tried to call back in return, but only managed a croak.

"It appears," said the third voice, "you have captured a giant frog. With a human skeleton."

"But that's crazy!" said the first voice.

"I agree," said the second voice.

"Be that as it may," said the third voice, "it seems to fit the evidence. Turn on the light -- I need to get a look at this."

That explains why it's so dark in here, thought Cathy. Suddenly it became quite light in the room, and she saw a man wearing field goggles and a shirt that looked like Leonardo's workshop. Cathy tried to talk again and got out yet another croak.

"Amazing," said the man. "We have discovered a female human frog from China. That's a Chinese frog's croak -- I'd bet my life on it!"

I think I've landed in a mad scientists' laboratory, thought Cathy.

"I don't know much about frogs," said the second voice, "but I think I remember reading that you're supposed to give them a daughter."

"Dolt!" said the man. "You're supposed to give them water."

"Is it my fault if my book had a typo in it?" asked the second voice.

The first voice said, "I'll go and get your bottle of frog food." A while later Cathy was fed the vilest concoction she had ever tasted. However, she thought, at least it's nourishing and juicy. When she had finished the concoction, she drifted off into sleep.

When she woke she found herself in a large glass box. Looking around her, she saw a large museum of different kinds of fish. She was just able to make out names on some of the cages, such as "Cumulus Fish", "Ave Fishus" and "My Fishy 'Tis of Thee". Reading letters backwards on her own box, she managed to make out "Frog from China, name not determined". She noticed a microphone inside her cage, no doubt to try to understand her language. She tried again to speak, and managed. Picking her words carefully so they would be understood, she said, "I am not a frog, I am not from China, and my croakings were from hunger and thirst."

A few minutes later, three men ran into the room. She recognized one of them as Doctor D. Driller. Hearing a conversation between the other two, Cathy guessed that they were G. Grinder and T. Tracker. Driller lifted the cage and said, "I wish this species would speak again -- I need to figure out if it was really human language."

Cathy felt another wave of fatigue hit her, so her next words were a little mingled with small croaks: "Yes it was human language -- could you tell me where I am?"

"Amazing!" said Driller. "A human with a frog accent!"

"Excuse me," said Cathy, "could you please throw 'de doubtful doctor D. Driller out the door?"

"Quiet." said G. Grinder to D. Driller. "As she seems to be provoked by you, you'll probably get more information if you be quiet."

That, thought Cathy, is the first sensible thing any of them have said."

Doctor T. Tracker said, "Greetings, female. My name is Doctor Tunnel Tracker." He pointed at the one Cathy had wanted thrown out, and said, "His name is Doctor Daring Driller, and our third companion is Doctor Granite Grinder. He pilots a machine that is named after him."

How interesting, thought Cathy, not that I know how it will help me.

"You asked a question, did you not?" asked Granite.

"Yes, where am I?" asked Cathy.

Before Granite or Tunnel could answer, Doctor Driller burst in: "You are in cave RR#20, crystal-storage capacity 41, rock-monster hunting permit 3213215."

He would have gone on, but he was cut short by Granite saying, "To put it in more general terms, you're in a cave of the Rock Raiders."

Story 34: Captain Cathy Cutter Captures Craved Crystals

During the next few weeks, Cathy learned much about the Rock Raiders. How cave #20 was one part of a large network of caves, all connected by the grand master cave. No matter who Cathy asked, be it Granite, Tunnel, Driller, or someone she didn't know, she could get no more information than that about the master cave. How the crystals that the Rock Raiders mined were used for two things: power for the many machines, and trading goods. Though Cathy did much poking and prodding, she couldn't figure out who they were used as trading goods with. How the whole huge setup was below a large underground river, and how they had made a small network of caves to channel the water's fish to them when they needed them. Hearing this, Cathy thought: so that's what's going on.

Once Cathy went back to the water passages to try to figure out how they worked, but the person who got fishes for cave 20 forgot to make sure she wasn't in the vicinity when he opened the sluices. As it was, Cathy was hit by a torrent of water and landed in the net again. Later, Cathy was initiated into the Crystal Collectors Corps, in which she then learned that Granite had been initiated into it long ago. The Colonel of the Corps told her that she couldn't be called Cathy in the Crystal Corps because she needed a longer name with at least two words and a ranking. But as neither of them could think of one, Cathy was sent into the training area so the Colonel could best figure out a fitting name. After two days, the Colonel decided on "Captain Cathy Cutter."

When her training was over, she was sent to the real thing: the Crystal Corps mining maze. Cathy had learned in the training it was named so because it was the best crystal-mining area in cave 20, and because the interior was like a giant maze. Cathy got into her Beginner's Battle Buggy (a little buggy with simplified controls), checked that she had all the necessary gear, and entered the entranceway. Checking her map, Cathy headed for one of the places with the most crystals -- the lighted labyrinth (named thus because it was not a normal crystal-mining cave but another smaller maze lighted by phosphorescent light).

Entering the lighted labyrinth, she almost ran into Granite Grinder's Granite Grinder as it headed towards the door to the rest of the Crystal Corps mining maze. They waved at each other; then Cathy's buggy zoomed between the Granite Grinder's two legs. She looked at the four paths from the main intersection: "Pity Path to Popsicle Place", "Careful Construction on Terraformer's Tunnel at this Mining Moment", "Rocky Rock Weird Wall", and "Beginner's Buggy Balcony".

Eeny, meeny, miney moint, catch a crystal by the point, thought Cathy. Naturally the point landed on Beginner's Buggy Balcony. Cathy pressed a button, and the buggy trundled away. Cathy drove through a long passageway and then came out on a large balcony. She could see many other buggies like hers only with different registration numbers, driving around looking for crystals embedded in the wall. True to its name, Beginner's Buggy Balcony was a balcony. Cathy gave the edge a wide berth.

Suddenly her crystal finder (a Rock Raider's idea of a metal detector, only it works on crystals) buzzed. Cathy reached down and picked up a crystal. It was a very standard type with five points. Cathy tossed it in, thinking, I hear four-pointed ones are like clovers, they're supposed to bring good luck. Cathy looked up again. She was surprised to see a large hole in the rock wall. Then she understood: it was a private home of one of the Rock Raiders. She went back to driving around. She got several more five-points, and two three-points, before taking a look over the edge. She saw a huge pile of lights that seemed to be going on and off independently of every other one. It can't be the aurora borealis, so what is it? she thought. She drove over to another buggy, knowing it belonged to General Gary Gatling.

"Yo, Gary," she called, waving her hand.

"Hi Cathy, what's up?" he said, scooping up a crystal.

"What are those lights over there?"

"What lights ... oh my goodness ... I've heard of being able to see it from here, but never knew if it was true. Cathy, I think that's the master cave."


Plop! Barhead landed on top of somebody. "Ouch!" said Walker. "Do look where you're going, even if we can't."

"Sorry," said Barhead, "I just fell, I have a little trouble controlling where I'm going to land, especially in the dark."

Transparentine said, "Barhead, Barhead of all people, we were counting on you to rescue us, but now we're all in the same rut, together."

Barhead said, "I have not-too-good news and very bad news."

"All right, what's the good news," asked Argamoth.

"The good news is, Ratepi ..."

"Who?" asked Walker.

"The pirate chief. Is five soldiers short. And I won the race. The bad news is, I have no idea how we're going to get out of here."


"You mean that's what the master cave looks like?" asked Cathy in wonderment and bewilderment.

"Well, what we can see of it," said Gary. If he had anything else to say, it was drowned out by the beeping of his crystal-finder locating another crystal.

Cathy spotted a glimmer in the wall, and drove off towards it. She was in luck, it was two crystals -- a five-point and a three. After another hour Cathy's trunk was full and she had to head back to the main cave. As she arrived back at the gate she cried, "'Tis I, Captain Cathy Cutter with a full trunk of crystals!"

Almost at once, the gates opened, and so did a loading tank inside the cave. Cathy drove inside, got out of her buggy, and dumped the crystals into the loading tank.


Time passed. Cathy graduated from the beginners buggies and moved up to Flawless Flyers, an art where you fly around in a little hovercraft and find crystals in high places for propeller-pushed flying ships to load. Cathy scanned the list of PPFS pilots to work with. As the names were in order, with the top of the list being people who had been longest without an assistant, Cathy saw Major Mary Miner's name first. Cathy had heard about Mary, she was a stern flyer that only thought a glimmer was worthwhile if it was more than one crystal. Cathy quickly got finished with looking through her file. After going through three quarters of the long list, Cathy found the file she'd been looking for: the name of the file was Doctor Tunnel Tracker.

After skimming through the rest of the list, Cathy chose Tunnel. But she had to wait a while before she could do her flying job. First she had to learn how to do it. Just a few seconds after Cathy got in line to make it into the first class, Gary showed up. Cathy was not surprised: Gary was about the same age she was. The lessons were long, but quite understandable. After two days Cathy understood all the basics, but she had to stay two more days to learn how to pilot a PPFS in case something happened to Tunnel Tracker (no Rock Raider wants a huge PPFS falling on their house).


The day after she finished the flyer school, Cathy got into the hovercraft and practiced with the controls. The classes had not prepared her for how it felt to be in a very small machine that goes to several score of feet above the ground. The next day she went on her first job with Tunnel Tracker. They went up and up until they were two and a half score feet up. Then Tunnel pressed a button, and the large ship released the small craft with Cathy in it. Cathy pulled out a pair of binoculars from the many tools that were in the craft. She scanned the walls and the ceiling. Suddenly she spotted a glimmer on the ceiling. Tunnel followed her at a little less speed. Cathy scooped up what had caused the glimmer: two three-point crystals. Tunnel opened the crystal hatch. Cathy, with trained precision, dropped the crystals in. Suddenly she noticed a cave in one of the places where wall and ceiling meet, and it was not shaped like a private home.

"Wait for me, Tunnel," she called, "I'm going to check what's in here." It was a cave all right, Cathy was having trouble counting the crystals inside it. She had just gotten up to eleven, when she saw a small hole in one of the cave walls. She looked through, and for the second time saw the huge pile of blinking lights. Wow, thought Cathy. Then she called, "Tunnel, bring the crystal hatch right under the opening of the cave." As she pushed crystals out of the cave into the hatch, Cathy thought: I feel so strange every time I see that place. I wonder if something in there could get me back to the surface.


After even more time on the paths, Cathy graduated from Flawless Flyers. When she heard this bit of news, Cathy thought: I'm glad I can still do things that I've graduated from -- that was fun. Her new Rock Raiders machine was called a Grabber Giant -- a large-wheeled machine that drove around and scooped up crystals with a large black scoop. The scoop only could hold ten crystals at a time, which was why Grabber Giants never went too far from the gate. 

Only a few days after she had gotten the hang of the Grabbers, she heard of a Rock Raiders crystal contest. The rules of the contest were as thus: "Attention all Rock Raider caves with numbers below 21 ..." Oh good, thought Cathy, if I like the prize I might be able to do this. "On this one-hundredth anniversary of the day the master cave was built we announce this contest to you. All Grabber Giant and Granite Grinder Pilots ..." Hmm, must have something to do with G.G., thought Cathy. Also, both vehicles have a capacity for ten crystals. "... if you can fill up your vehicle's crystal capacity three times or more and do this all in the same day, which is the next day, then you will be entered in the sweepstakes to gain entrance to the master cave." "Well," said Cathy, "I have a chance, and I try to do my best with that Grabber Giant anyway."


The next day, Cathy got up early and put on her warmest uniform. She knew where she was going. She climbed into the cockpit of the Grabber Giant and drove off once more to the lighted labyrinth. As soon as she went to the intersection she drove down the famous but perilous "Pity Path to Popsicle Place." After only a little time of driving along the path Cathy became colder, the ground became icy along with the walls, and she kept making very close misses to crashing into stalactites. Slowly she got used to driving on the ice, and started looking for crystals. Seeing the three embedded in a stalagmite, she got out some of the tools and started hacking away at it.

"Timberrrr!!!" she yelled, as the stalagmite fell into the scoop. Knowing that it would melt off the crystals soon after she left the place, she didn't hack it to teeny bits. Seven more for the first load, thought Cathy, getting back in the cockpit. Soon she heard the ice cracking beneath the vehicle. Oh well, thought Cathy, the ice is on the ground. Spotting a glimmer in the wall, Cathy got the pack pick-axe and a chisel out again, and started hacking away at the ice in front of it. Suddenly some of the ice she was chipping at fell away, went sliding down the side of the wall and straight under her feet. Just as the crystal came out from the ice, Cathy tripped and went sliding down the ice. 

Crack! The ice cracked under the Grabber Giant, but not to reveal floor, to reveal a small cave. Cathy slid right in. Reminds me of my own unceremonious entrance to cave 20, thought Cathy as she landed. As she was getting up, the crystal landed on her head. Then with pleasure Cathy looked around to see the other six crystals she needed for her first load. Well, here goes, thought Cathy as she picked up the crystal. One for the crystal, two for the show, three to get ready, and here we go. Up went all seven crystals one by one into the scoop. Slowly Cathy managed to climb out, get in the cockpit, and drive out of Popsicle Place.


As Cathy's Grabber Giant drove off for a second time, she noticed Granite Grinder waking up and getting into his Granite Grinder. I know one thing, thought Cathy, I am not going back into Popsicle Place anytime soon. This time when she reached the intersection, she thought, eeny, meeny, miney, micket, win the contest with your ticket. "Ticket" landed on Rocky Rock Weird Wall. In she drove, wondering what it would be like. Soon she knew why it was named "Weird Wall" -- the walls were not at all even but looked like squashed mountains and valleys put on a wall. Soon she realized that the squashed valleys were ideal places to look for crystals. She found nine of them in the small crevices.

After more driving, Cathy got to the end of the cave without finding any more crystals, but what she saw then made her gasp: a wall of pure crystal material. How I'm going to carry this I have no idea, thought Cathy. Evidently other people had also tried to carry it away because there were several small holes in the wall. Cathy sighed. The contest said crystals, not crystal material in any shape. At last she saw her tenth crystal: on the tip of one of the squashed mountains. She put it in the scoop, and then, unable to resist, took a look in one of the holes in the strange wall. What she saw was interesting: it was the same shape she saw whenever she saw the master cave, but it wasn't lighted up.

"Cave 20 must be right next to the master cave, if you can see it from so many places," said Cathy. She drove off to deposit her second load.


Hmm, thought Cathy, where should I go for my third load? I've been in Rocky Rock Weird Wall, and Popsicle Place, Terraformer's Tunnel is for Terraformers, and this thing is too big for Beginners Balcony. Hmm, maybe I won't go in the lighted labyrinth this time, I'll go in the main mining maze. So Cathy drove into the entrance of the main mining maze. After going along a lot of right-angle turns without seeing any crystals, Cathy found that the path branched off into two separate paths. 

Seeing a glimmering in one, Cathy started, but no sooner did she enter the path when the Grabber Giant started sliding down the path. Too late Cathy realized that this path was a ramp. Cathy hit the brakes, but she continued to slide down. Suddenly Cathy fell off the ramp and into another part of the maze. Great, she thought, I'm lost. She looked around trying to get her bearings. Suddenly she saw that this place was crawling with crystals. Carefully Cathy scooped up ten of them, and drove through one of the paths leading from this place, trying to find something familiar.


"None? Really?" cried Sky.

"Well actually," said Barhead, "do you have any idea where we are?"

"Yeah," said Argamoth, "we're in a small room that doesn't appear to have any doors."

"All right," said Barhead, "we can try to form a living ladder."

"What's that?" asked Walker.

The captain was about to explain, when the general yelled, "I said we shouldn't have taken them up on this race!"


Cathy saw a sign: "Danger, Falling Rocks". Oh good, I'm not lost any more, thought Cathy. She headed straight through the passage, getting part of the Grabber Giant damaged by a large rock that landed on it. When she was out of the passage, she took a right turn, then a right, then a left, then a right, then a left, and then many more, and finally got out of the main mining maze, returning to the gate just as Granite Grinder returned with his second load.

Story 35: Cathy and the Magic Crystal 

Soon the big day when the winners would be selected came. As the drawing was going on in the master cave, Cathy watched it on her new Tunnelvision set. She watched as each one of the five names were drawn. First somebody from cave 5 was drawn, for getting 30 crystals in one day with a Granite Grinder. Then, to Cathy's amazement, 'de doubtful Doctor D. Driller. Next somebody from cave 18, then Cathy gasped as the last two were called out: Granite Grinder and herself.


The next day the strangest Rock Raiders ship Cathy had ever seen pulled up. Its locomotion system was the wheels of a Grabber Giant, and its inside looked like a small house for six people. In the front there was some sort of machine with two crystals on it that seemed to generate light. Apparently Cathy was the fourth to get on, because there were already two boys and the driver inside. When Granite and Driller were inside the vehicle trundled off through one of the gates Cathy had never been allowed to go through. This strange means of transportation drove off across a path that Cathy was sure needed to be paved.

A few minutes after they started, the machine gave a huge lurch and stopped. "What happened?" called the boy from cave 5.

The viewscanner on top of the machine started pointing down. "We've got a flat," called the driver.

"Can't we drive on without it?" Driller asked.

"Hmmm ..." said the driver, "maybe if I do a little switching ..." Soon it was off again, though tilting a lot to the left.


After another hour (it took so long because the driver's landslide landmark had been cleared away), Cathy and the others got their first close-up view of the master cave. After a long look at the houses and other little buildings, Cathy looked up for the tower of light she had seen in this place. She saw a huge tower covered with glowing crystals -- Cathy guessed it was because of the same machine that was on the front of what she was in. And at the top was some kind of red laser that Cathy couldn't figure out the purpose of. "Here we are!" called the driver unnecessarily, "Everybody out!"

Cathy got out, heaved her luggage after her, and walked through the majestic glowing gate. As she went through she noticed carvings on the inside of different-looking Rock Raiders finding crystals and building large buildings.


A few days later found Cathy and the other four watching an instructional movie about the customs in the master cave. This is ridiculous, thought Cathy, as a cartoony-looking Rock Raider popped up on the screen saying, "Hi! I'm your guide." When the movie was done, Cathy, now an honored Master Cave Rock Raider, went to the main office to register her name. After filling out the form (formal name Captain Cathy Cutter, informal name Cathy, etc.), Cathy went into the building-skills testing lab. As Cathy went in she noticed a sign above the door: "Our motto: Build your own or go home alone".

Cathy set to work, she had decided on something that flew so she took a Flawless Flyer, built on some more complicated controls and a Monitor. The Monitor was attached to a built-in crystal finder so whenever it was near a crystal the crystal would show up as a green circle.

Nearby, Doctor Driller was working on a water based skimmer called a UNICORN (Underwater Navigation Is Completely Overall Rendered here Naturally).

Cathy had decided to call her flying thing (which already had a assortment of three different buzzsaws, two of them built in instead of being ready to grab) a ROPE (Robust Overhead Perfect Explorer). After putting on ready-to-grab ice skis, a tape player and recorder, two radio antennae, a jackhammer and an assortment of other tools, Cathy brought her CAREFUL (Compact Aviator Rope Easily Folded Up Lambent) to the finishing desk where Driller was arguing.

"I said UNICORN! It floats around and can zoom fast!

"If it Floats why it is 'U' for Underwater?"

"FINISH! Floating Is Not In Sans H2O!"

"CAT! Careful Aqua Traveler!"

"CAT'S FINISH! Careful Aqua Traveler Says    Floating Is Not In Sans H20!"

"Ok, Ok."

At last Cathy got a chance to get up to the desk; she carefully chose a different reviewer. "Hello, I'm Captain Cathy Cutter and this is my ROPE, full name CAREFUL."

"After hearing what was going on with the Cat's Finished Unicorn I won't ask what Rope and Careful stand for, show it to me."

After inspection the CAREFUL ROPE passed the test and Cathy flew it around in the Testing Area for newly built Flyers. She then took it to the place where Rock Raiders test their machines for Crystal Finding, she got 12 out of 12, including the one in the Rexynuh-Glass Case which she opened with the Jackhammer.


Cathy then decided to look around for some things she had discovered in cave 20. First she looked at a map: her hunch was correct, Cave 20 was adjacent to the Master Cave. In fact, if she used the ROPE to fly to the SE side of the cave she should be able to find the holes through which she had seen the Master Cave. She found all but the one by the wall made out of crystal material.

Then one day she found out the purpose of the red laser she had seen at the top of the Master Cave city, it was trying to open a rock slab six bricks wide and a radio antennae high. She used the ROPE to fly over to the operators, Granite Grinder and someone called President Powera Prier, to ask them what the problem was.

"Crystal finders have gone crazy whenever they pass over that slab, but nothing seems to be able to budge it!" said Powera, "All the laser has been able to do is open a small hole!"

"Hmmmm...." said Cathy, "could you turn off that laser for a bit? I want to see if there is anything I can do about the slab."

"All right," said Granite, "You can't have worse luck than we are having."

Cathy got back into her flying contraption and zoomed off to the area the laser had been hitting. Indeed there was a large slab with a hole in it. In fact, when Cathy looked through it, she saw the Crystal Wall from the other side! Cathy set to work, she tried buzzsaws, jackhammering, picking, shoveling, drilling, and nothing phased it! After a while she gave up and went back to normal work.


One day Cathy was assigned to Crystal Gathering, she left the ROPE behind and took a standard Cave Cutter: a buggy with miniature laser and 15-crystal capacity. After driving down five different paths and finding as many crystals she came up to a hole, the ground gave away, and the Cave Cutter slipped into the hole and fell down... down... down... When it landed, Cathy's finger slipped onto the Laser Activation button and the laser shot a big boulder out of the way.

The boulder landed in another hole. It fell for about ten seconds before it hit something; when it did a Gruff voice shouted: "OY! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, CHUCKING STONES ABOUT? LIMESTONE, WAS THAT YOU?"

"Computer", whispered Cathy, "how far down is this?" 1000 feet down was the reply. Cathy shuddered -- this was the depth that the Rock Monsters lived at! She set the laser at full intensity and aimed it fowards/up, soon there was a passage large enough for the Cave Cutter going up, but enough like a ramp to drive up! Cathy set the Cutter at full throttle and blasted and drove 800 feet up the ramp!

The tunnel came out, strangely enough, right beside where the ROPE was docked! Cathy had just gotten out of the Cave Cutter when 3 Rock Monsters emerged from the hole after her. Panic stricken, knowing that Rock Monsters were deadly, Cathy climbed into the ROPE and took off seconds after engaging engines. Two of the Monsters got bored and went back home but the third climbed into a Flawless Flyer and accidently pressed the start button! So began an up in the air chase, the likes of which had not been seen for 20 years. Cathy ducked and the Monster dodged, Cathy zigged and the Monster zagged.

Finally Cathy found the controls she was looking for, the hologram projection and the invisibility booster. She projected a hologram of the ROPE onto the wall (ironically, onto the tough rock slab), and turned the real ROPE invisible. The Monster, seeing its target on the wall, leaned out of the Flyer and smote the slab severely. The impact shattered the slab, sent the ROPE swiveling around, and the Rock Monster flying into the hole he had come out of, sliding all the way back home.

Hearing the explosion, People ran out of the buildings to see what had happened. "Great work Cathy!" shouted Granite, "You got rid of the slab! How did you do it?"

After flying down to the ground, Cathy explained, "I didn't do it, a Rock Monster did!"


*to be continued*

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