(The Adventures of Shark-Killer-Sea)

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: A boring day?
  • Chapter 2: Caught!
  • Chapter 3: Saving Shark-Killer Sea
  • Chapter 4: To do defending, you'll need fencing
  • Appendix A: Shark-Killer Sea's Sea Song


Chapter 1: A boring day?

Shark-Killer Sea was bored. After reciting the sea song (see Appendix A) seven different times in seven different voices, and looking at his record for the most sharks killed in one day, very suddenly he decided to break his record. Almost in no time at all, he had grabbed his sword (pretending it was a harpoon) and climbed onto his sofa (pretending it was a sea ship). Then he thought, "At least I've got a substitute for a harpoon, but what should I do for the sea ship?"

He noticed a similar sofa in another part of his mansion, and grabbed it and pulled it over to the other sofa, and if you have read Oz books you would think that it would very much resemble the body of the Gump. Then he rushed off to a sea shop, and in half a minute returned carrying a propeller, a propeller-holder and some Aquashark controls. With the aid of everything being Lego (except for the mansion), he was able to attach the pair of Aquashark controls to one of the two sides of the sofas, and the propeller-holder on the other side of the sofas, and the propeller was put on the propeller-holder, and he went outside and gave it a sea test.. It stayed together, and Shark-Killer Sea decided to go a little further, and further, and further, until he came to a sunken village in ruins. There was lots of seaweed growing around, and crystals laying all over. Even so, Shark-Killer Sea was very surprised when he saw a separate bit of rock might have once been a tower, but now was topped by seaweed and an unusually-bright crystal on either side of it.


Chapter 2: Caught!

Now, these very bright crystals were too precious to resist. He took one off and the rocks began to come to life. The other crystal, with a part of the rock, stretched upwards like a hand, and grabbed a scepter which had originally been hidden in the seaweed, and struck Shark-Killer Sea a blow across the head with the scepter. When Shark-Killer Sea woke up he was in a jail. Outside were two Aquasharks. They seemed to be quarreling. One he had never seen before; the other was Ocean-Explorer Sea. He tried to get their attention, but they were quarreling too loud (either that or they didn't seem to notice). Suddenly a light bulb flashed inside Shark-Killer Sea's head: With the radio inside his underwater helmet, he contacted one of the knights in the Royal Knight's castle (see Royal Knight Stories volume 3). What he told them on the radio was that it was time for their part of the story to begin.


Chapter 3: Saving Shark-Killer Sea

At that very moment, the rocks that had struck Shark-Killer Sea a blow across the head with the scepter started walking towards the jail. It said, "Greetings, infernal vermin. How dare you try to steal one of the precious crystals of King Crystal -- in short, of mine."

"Oh honorable King Crystal, forgive my worthless impudence." Shark-Killer Sea said sarcastically. He took a bow and said, "Please give me one more chance and let me go, I will never darken the depths of your kingdom again." He had a hard time restraining himself from laughing -- how could anyone bow to a pile of walking rocks?

Suddenly, just before Shark-Killer Sea's laughter broke out, still another underwater person who Shark-Killer Sea had never seen before came running and told this Sir Seaweed-head who calls himself "King Crystal", "Oh master of honorable seas, the village is under siege!" They both went running off again (or as well as crystal-finger here could run), and left Shark-Killer Sea laughing. Finally Shark-Killer Sea went to sleep.

He was woke up by the sound of hoofbeats. He had been woken up by an army of Royal Knights, Royal horses, and air masks, either ramming or kicking anyone who stood in their way. "And now, King Hector ..." thought Shark-Killer Sea, for he well remembered the story of how the judge had told the Royal Knights' King to talk first and fight later. Suddenly Ocean-Explorer Sea whacked his companion with the back of his harpoon and broke open the lock with the other side. Shark-Killer Sea rushed out and struck an uppercut on an Aquanaut. Soon everyone was in such a clamor that all they could see was the blueness of the water. When battle was done, not a soul was standing but the Royal King and his horse.

* * *

Soon the least-bruised ones (the Royal Knights and Shark-Killer Sea) broke up and paddled away. A last glance behind him, and Shark-Killer Sea saw two bent sofas, a fallen-out-of-place propeller and propeller-holder, and an Aquashark control panel missing a few buttons. "That has to be the end of my sea ship," thought Shark-Killer Sea sadly.


Chapter 4: To do defending, you'll need fencing

Once there was a team called the Defenders. The team consisted of Firey Flame (see What if Firefighter was Bad?), Meteor Man, Ship Legs, Shark-Killer Sea, Pizza Girl and Astroboy. But now, Meteor Man is the Destructor King, Ship Legs is injured, Firey Flame quit, Astroboy (I forgot what happened to him), and Pizza Girl became a Royal Knight. But now there is a new team called the New Defenders, consisting of Cannon Man, Mr. Armada, Shark-Killer Sea, Kook Kook, Blacktron, Forestza, Dragon Ax and Cowboy.

I'll tell you what these people can do:

  • As for Cannon Man, he can hop and has three cannons to shoot out of.
  • Mr. Armada has silver armor, a deadly dagger, and a quick wit (sometimes known to be the brains of the group).
  • Shark-Killer Sea, well ... read his story!
  • Kook Kook, a cute and silly little monkey who says "Kook" a lot.
  • Blacktron, a spaceman with a black head, gold space visor on a motorbike (in the group of space cruisers).
  • Forestza, a forester with a green bandanna, spear and black cape (the group's camouflage expert).
  • Dragon Ax, Dragon Warrior with a bow and arrow, and crossed-ax shirt. Magic axes come out of his shirt and go flying forward.
  • Cowboy, cowboy with a sword (no horse).

Once upon a rhyme, it started at this time, Cannon Man said, "Do we have to live in this old mansion?"

"Noooo, Cannon Man, don't blow it up!" shouted Shark-Killer Sea.

"Anyway," said Blacktron, "You'd get spaced out -- heh heh -- at your own power."

"Kook?" said Kook Kook.

Mr. Armada said, "Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep the wheels rollin', the propeller turns and the wings flap."

Forestza said, "Mr. Armada, will you stop advertising?"

"Well all you have to do is look in the latest Lego magazine," said Mr. Armada.

"We're trying to make a story here, not an advertisement lab," said Shark-Killer Sea, and continued by singing his sea song.

Kook Kook dived into his Kook monkey appliances. (We're nearing the end of your flight, please fasten your seat belts and read even more carefully.) After a while of talking, Kook Kook jumped out of his Kook monkey appliances holding a sword and a spinning toy metal pirate, and started batting at the spinning toy metal pirate with the sword. He fiddled with the buttons on the back, and soon he was having a regular swordfight with it.

* to be continued *


Appendix A: Shark-Killer Sea's Sea Song

When you're living in the sea, you'll just know me
As Shark-Killer Sea!
And if it is dark, and you meet a shark,
Stick in its mouth a piece of bark!


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