Sam's 8/4/97 dream

I had a dream the other night ... I dreamed of another dream. Part of it was dreamed dream and part of it was dreamed life.

Well: in the part that was dreamed dream -- no offense meant, I assure you -- Ian and Chris had turned out to be robbers. And I was chasing Chris around, and both of us were in stone bumper cars. We were even bumping each other on the deck steps. Also, there was some time of chasing Ian and Chris when we weren't in rock bumper cars. Like the time a playground slide suddenly appeared, and Chris went up it. And just as I started to get to the top and catch him, he got all the way down. Then he disappeared up a fence.

And after that, it wasn't the dream of a dream but the dream of a life. We lived in an apartment building, I mean, I lived in an apartment building. Goodness knows how many stories tall. And at the moment I was jumping around in some rocks that were later to become a zoo. The zoo was to be built right next to our apartment building, and I accidentally jumped myself into a little crevice. Thinking like Yoda Stories, I thought I couldn't get out. Then, strangely to my amazement, I jumped out. Then I started jumping all around the rocks.

Then I was back in my apartment with Tané and Jon. First of all, a stone-built bed went flying out the window, and a monster that looked rather like Roger the Martian (from "The Intergalactic Bus Trip" book) only was rather pinkish-bluish and I went flying out the window on chains, and retrieved the bed. Then, the window was closed, and a flock of flying zoo animals went flying past the window. Among them was a pink diamond with two pink stubby legs and a pink flamingo's head. Then three people came in, including a kid who said his father had been sick but had now recovered. Seemingly we knew this kid, and his name was Dave.

Then I was back at my old house, jumping on our trampoline while watching how the color of the sky made pumpkins look blue. A giant-sized pumpkin, which was bigger than all of me. Then someone -- I don't know who, Arthur perhaps -- kicked a yellow giant pumpkin onto the trampoline. Instantly a super-long purple squarish rectanglish ovalish circle-ish thing appeared on the trampoline along with a small green fruit, that I saw in "Asterix and Obelix all at Sea." Then I shouted "No!!! No!!!" cause it was so hard to dodge all the vegetables and fruits, and then they all disappeared, and I was saying "Let's go on the elephant that we used in our first adventure", whose name seemed to be Angelika, who was a Duplo elephant. At that point I woke up because I knew it had to have been a dream, and it couldn't have been real life.

The End

Sweet dreams!

Copyright © 1997 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
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