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One day Morganne and I were shoveling sand into a little box. We seemed to find some gold dust. We were putting the gold dust in a cup, except we seemed to be putting it in in a computer-game-like way, because when the gold dust wasn't exactly in the cup, it hovered above it until we shoveled it into the right place. Then I was in the house, the cup of gold dust was in a little model village a little smaller than a plate. There were little Snickers and Milky Ways the size of Bazooka gum (and the color) around the cup, in the model village.

At one point the village got lost, and I asked people to help me find it. To one person I called it "gold", but instantly rephrased it to "cup in a little village" -- you never know who could be a thief when you don't know them. A kid -- perhaps about six or seven -- found it, but one of the pieces of candy seemed to be missing. One of the strange parts was that it seemed to be at one of the places at our house, when I could have been sure we were at another person's house.

Later Morganne and I were in a tree-house that didn't use trees, but instead was on little wooden poles. I kept getting my head stuck between some foam that was on the edge of some of the wood, and then later I would be out again -- don't ask me how I got out. Then I was in another house, and strangely enough I was getting my head stuck there too. There was a strange fan of a type I've never seen before under me, and it was making such a wind I was glad to get my head out. Then Morganne and I were back at the tree-house, and my head got stuck, and there was one of those fans again under me. When my head next got stuck and was released, the fan came out with me. I turned it off to put it in a corner.

Then I opened one of the Bazooka-gum-sized-and-colored Snickers bars, and a little blue ball fell out, about the size of a pony bead. It had a little black drawing of a spider on it -- don't ask me how it fits -- and Morganne told me that it let people see in the dark, and was used in bad magic. Then I was dreaming that I had it, and was walking through the Exploratorium's tactile dome, seeing everything (I know it so well, the first, second or third times it is like I see it, pretty much.) Then my dream got pretty garbled, and the last thing I could remember was dreaming that the tactile dome had changed, and I was walking down a dark tunnel with the strange ball that made the tunnel light, and there was a net above the tunnel. And that's when my dream ended.


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