Sam's 5/10/98 dream

Once inside a dream, Arthur and I were at Woodbridge, our grandparents' winter home. We were going down a grassy place that led to a forest, but suddenly it turned into a long path through the forest. It turned out that we were racing along this path, and every so often we found a car on the road. If we got in, we would both go very super fast in the car. We passed many green lawns. Strangely enough, after a little while of driving in the car, the car would disappear, but we would still be going super fast.

At last I went a little faster than Arthur, and Arthur got left behind. And then I reached a hole in the path. I went onto the green lawn that was next to me, and it happened to be a village of dwarves. I told them of my dilemma, and they started building a bridge over the hole. I saw a large extension of grass, and two cars sitting in the grass, and many balls and catcher's mitts. I put on a catcher's mitt and picked up a ball, and started playing with them.

Finally the bridge was done. But at that point, a good deal of the dwarf population disappeared. (I don't know when in the dwarf village this happened, but Tané walked up with Arthur, and Tané said "I started walking to catch up with you, 'cause Arthur got left behind.") Because of the disappearance, a dwarf queen was elected, and I started helping to build a castle -- dwarf size. I noticed that there weren't many dwarves left, and decided that there needed to be more. More appeared. Finally I took a car and drove along the bridge. By this time I think my eyes were teary-eyed.

Then I was riding on the top of a bus, and my dream ended.


Copyright © 1998 Samuel Dashiell Shemitz
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