Pictures of some of Sam's Lego creations (and Sam!)

You know the story -- click a picture to see a bigger picture!

Sam on the trampoline with Ocean-Explorer Sea's Aqua-robot
(Octopus-powered seaship)
Sam with Ocean- Explorer Sea's all-black octopus- powered seaship
(Shark & Octopus-propelled ships)
Sam with his Shark- propelled and Octopus- propelled ships
(Three Black Knights)
Three Black Knights (11/8/96)
(Explorien ships)
Two Explorien spaceships by Mitchell and Sam (1/2/97)
(Forest Fortress)
Mitchell and Sam's "Forest Fortress" (8/19/97)
(Planet Mechanicai)
Sam's first-prize- winning "Planet Mechanicai" at the Santa Cruz County Fair (9/7/97)
(Sam and Planet Mechanicai)
Sam standing with "Planet Mechanicai" (9/7/97)
(more Planet Mechanicai)
One more view of "Planet Mechanicai" (9/7/97)
(Shark-Killer Sea's Shark Base)
Shark-Killer Sea's Shark Base (8/27/97)
(Monkey Village)
Mitchell and Sam's "Monkey Village" (9/13/97)
(Haunted Monsters Castle)
Sam and Mitchell's "Haunted Monsters Castle" won a first prize in Gamealot's "Haunted Lego Construction" contest (10/3/97)
(Duplo Paradise)
"Duplo Paradise" (12/17/97)
(Witch's Speeder)
Witch's Speeder (2/21/98)
(Soccer match between UFOs and Droids)
Soccer match between UFOs and Droids (4/98)
(Pirate scene)
"Pirate Life in one of the Seven Seas" (4/98)
(Pirate scene)
"Giant Castle" (Spring 1998)
(Pirate scene)
Sam's prize-winning "Spaceships and Planetary Vehicles" (July 1998)

(The original Sam's Lego page graphic)And here's the original Sam's Lego page graphic, featuring a six-year-old Sam with one of his creations.


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