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Story 1: The Berrafo* Brothers

Part 1: The Castle of Death

Timeline: during the reign of King Arthur, at the same time as the conquering of carefully-concealed Cameandlost.

Story: read the title.


"What is it, Berrafon?"

"Sir Berrafor and I are getting restless. We're going to ask the King to send us on some adventures. Do you want to come along?"

"Sure! I'm restless too."

* * *

"King Arthur?"

"What is it, Berrafon, Berrafod, Berrafor?"

"We are getting restless, and we were wondering if you could give us some adventures?"

"Well, our champion was going to try to get some lost treasure from the Castle of Death, but he's been sent to barracks. Could you do it?"

"Your word is our command, oh King."

* * *

"I don't like this castle. It's dark. And creepy."

"Well I don't know, but I think it's going to get darker before it gets lighter."

"We're not in Oz," said Sir Berrafon, "we're on a treasure hunt."

They stopped under the gate to look up at it. It was a great work of art. Suddenly a great rumbling sound was heard, and the gate started to fall down on them. They ran inside, and Sir Berrafod fell in a pit. Part of the ceiling then descended down.

The two pieces of ceiling went into the pit, clamped together over Sir Berrafod, and went back up, taking Berrafod with them. Once the two pieces of rock were back up to the top, the floor of the pit jumped open, and the pit was filled with flame. The two pieces of rock then opened back up, and dropped Sir Berrafod straight down towards the fire pit. Sir Berrafoz took a running leap over the fire pit, caught Sir Berrafod in the middle of the leap, and they both tumbled onto the floor on the other side. Sir Berrafon waited for the other two to recover before they went on.

Next they came into a room where there was a bunch of strings way up high as the ceiling. Above the strings there was a big block covering all the strings, with something on it facing downward that they could not see. Suddenly the strings retreated into the wall, and the big block started falling. Now they could see what was on the block: 700 spikes all pointing downward. And the door they had come in by was blocked by some bricks.

"Make a mad dash for it!" yelled Sir Berrafod, and the three of them rushed for the rapidly-closing other door. Sir Berrafoz was the last to make it through the door, and got his sword stuck, but other than that they were fine. So far their only problem was that Sir Berrafoz's sword was lost.

"What's next?" wondered Sir Berrafon, as they trudged along through the room. Just then, two of the walls opened up, and an army of armor, helmets, swords and shields worn by skeletons ran in. A skeleton knight used his sword to swing at Sir Berrafoz, whereupon he quickly blocked with his shield and kicked the sword out of the skeleton's hands. As the skeleton reached for his sword, Sir Berrafoz kicked the brittle, bony hand of the skeleton apart, and grabbed the sword himself. The skeleton hit at Sir Berrafoz with its shield. Sir Berrafoz drove the sword into the skeleton's face. The skeleton dropped, and Sir Berrafoz spun around to face another.

Sir Berrafon hacked one in the ribs and kicked the skeleton behind him to pieces. Sir Berrafod and Sir Berrafoz were in the middle of all the skeletons except for the ones that had been killed; Sir Berrafon then joined them, hacking his way to the middle. (If someone looked at this battle, it would be like a ring of skeletons with swords, shields and bones flying out of the middle.) The circle rapidly shrank, leaving an outer circle of dismantled bones on the ground. Finally there was only broken bones with three weary knights in the middle. These three knights then toppled with exhaustion.

When they got up, they brushed all the sweat off their faces; then they went on. Then they came into a large room. Suddenly the ceiling opened up. A score of rocks fell from where the ceiling used to be. The Berrafo* brothers gathered together and thrust their shields up with all their might. A rock dropped from the sky, bounced off the shields,

*to be continued*

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