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Hello readers! Before you read this, I want you to know something special about this page. Most of the messages and that kind of thing you see on the Hot Wheels newsgroup are collectors wanting to buy and sell cars. Well, this one is different. I play with my cars. I say "cars" because I have so many different kinds, and I'll not stoop to using this well-known word "die-cast". Also, if you are looking for something named "Cool car of the day", it is not going to be made yet. Well, that's because we're going to put in all the words before we put in some pictures for this.

Like it says a bit above, I really do have fun with my cars. I use blocks to make buildings for them, I use blocks to make "levels" for them. I bet you are wondering what I mean by "levels." Well, it's like this: I put blocks around on the floor of different shapes and sizes. I use ramps and lifting things built onto cars to get the cars that are playing these "levels" from one height of blocks to another height of blocks. They're also puzzles, but I think I'm going a bit off-track. So I shall start up my motor and drive back onto it.

Another kind of thing with wheels I play with are toy airplanes. I have two. One of them is rather rainbow-ish, but it lost its wheels a long time ago. The other one is a Northwest airplane that came with a Northwest airport set. It did not come with an airport, but it came with some NW cars, some signs, and four of those cones. I suppose I must start up my motor and get back on the track again. Since I'm on the subject of airplanes, I might as well tell you about one that my cute little baby brother has: it is exactly the same as my NW, but it is different-colored and says "United Airlines." It came in an identical airport set, except that all the cars saying "NW" are different-colored and say "United Airlines."

As far as I can think of at the moment, the only brand there is only one of is Darda.

Another thing is: since some of my cars are animal ones (bird, puma, demon, monster, etc.), they need to eat and drink, right? Of course they're also civilized, so they don't eat things like bugs, roots, and only water. So I have two cars: The first one is actually a truck that says "Pepsi" on it. And so, as you might well expect, it serves cars every kind of soda I can think of at the moment (if they want it, of course). The other one is the shape of a normal car. The picture on it shows a bunch of randomly-selected fruits. So, it gives everything to drink besides soda, and anything I can think of to eat at the time.

I now would like to tell you about two certain cars of mine: they would be noted for two other unique kinds of car that I have, but for the fact that they're also Matchbox. These two are also "Zero-Gee" cars. One is a "Torque Spin Racer" -- the front and back halves can rotate independently of each other. It is silver-colored with a red motor, and has two bat wings and one skull on the front. This car's name is "Skull-Turner."

The other is an "Anti-Grav Racer." This car is black. It has a gray motor. It shoots flame out of its motor when it moves. Its front and back halves can rotate independently of each other. Its name is Flame-Burner. 

I would also like e-mail from people who like to do some of the same things with their cars as I do with mine, seeing as I wouldn't mind some keypals.



I feel I should give you a list of my cars

The more cars I get, the more cars get put on this list.

Hot Wheels Matchbox Miscellaneous Computer Cars
Vampire Cosmic Blues Fire Engine Hydro-Plane
Phantom Wheels Spookder Arrow Emerald Bat
Transbody Spider Super-Speed  
Sonic Flame-Burner Eagleeye  
Red Rocket-Car Skull-Turner Black-Lightning  
Road-Jumper Lightsaber Car STP  
Sunburst Tow Truck NW-Box  
Magica Drawbridge Red Stripe  
Sildump Sleek Shell  
Guitar Car Lightning-Whitening NW-Car  
Shinebot Allacroc NW-Bus  
Mirrored Car Rhino NW-Stairs  
Goldie Oldie Black Truck Red-Towtruck  
Exploring Tank Greenfire Freight  
Battle Tank Purple Cross Pepsi  
Hotwheels-Oracle Fork Lift Red Tiny Shiny Car  
Springa Deliverey Blue Tiny Shiny Car  
Schoolbus Purple Mist Bubble  
Ambulance Sleek Water  
Yellow-Crate Anynomous Down Fall  
Purpleasaurus Sleek    
Radar Tank Sleek    
Triple Lightning Bus    
Flame-Jaw Thunder Bolt    
Razer Bulldog    
Big-Mouth Golden Arrow    
Puma Silver Arrow    
Red Bulldozer      
Hot TURBO      
Fuiture Car      
Blue Rocket-Car      
Hotwheels Racer      
Hotwheels Acro      
Lightning Bolt      
Hotwheels Racer      
Purple 5      
Red Beat up car      
White Beat up car      
Food Vendor      
Economic Theory      
Three Wheeler      
Silver Wagon      
Double Demon      
Gizmo Car      
Orange Beat Up Car      
Silver Truck      
Explosion X      
Spark Wind      



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