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by on May 17, 2011


Yes, as a matter of fact I really do store my bracelets on the sword of Godric Gryffindor!*

This blog is about all the “message”/”awareness” rubber/silicone bracelets/wristbands that I have (with occasional appearances by some of my other bracelets that also have particular/special meanings).

Personally, I just love these bracelets:

  • As far as my everyday T-shirts go I’m definitely big on being a walking billboard for the causes/organizations/events/etc. I believe in. As you can tell from the title of this blog, this extends to the bracelets/wristbands as well — it’s important to keep our eyes on the prize of the better future we’re working to bring about, and not just get bogged down in day-to-day frustrations.
  • Though in terms of those day-to-day frustrations, I find that the wristbands with very basic inspirational messages like “Strength”, “Hope”, “Love”, can be helpful reminders to keep myself psyched up when dealing with difficult challenges. They may not be up to the level of Wonder Woman’s bullet-deflecting power bracelets, but still keep me feeling a bit mentally armored.
  • Due to the great popularity of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG wristbands, these kinds of bracelets are considered acceptable wear for people of all walks of life.
  • They are so cheap that you can easily replace them (or just buy multiple ones in the first place) after sharing them with friends (or even the random people who compliment your bracelets when you run into them around town).
  • They provide bright splashes of color to coordinate (or enjoy clashing) with your outfit or occasion.

*Not only is it convenient and dramatic, but according to J.K. Rowling the sword of Godric Gryffindor repels dirt and attracts only that which strengthens it, such as, I would say, bracelets with important/inspiring messages on them. :-)

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