(Shark-Killer Sea and some Legos)

Shark-Killer Sea's Chronicles of Legoland

Chapter 1: Who I am

Hello. I'm Shark-Killer Sea, as I'm sure you know. I'm about to give you stories of the way-out world of Legoland. Before we start, I would like to thank the people who made this show possible.

Our pleasure, Mr. Shark-Killer Sea!

Thank you. Folks, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Samuel Shemitz, director, and Tané Tachyon, producer. Now, not all of us have completely learned our scripts, so we may have to stop and start every so often. When we stop, I'll have to say "to be continued" until the player or players have remembered his/her/their script. And now ... close the curtains!


Chapter 2: Legoland through the ages

Hello again. This, you might say, is act one. Or if you call the talk before the latest curtain call an act, you can call this act two, but I call this act one. This, I'm not afraid to say, is merely me talking about different things at different times, in the vast stretches of the vast world named Legoland.

A long, long, long time back (some Lego people call this the beginning of time) there was a beautiful castle. Although there is a smaller replica of it now, the big beautiful pink and purple castle (the one I am talking about) is very important to me. For it was the home of the very first Defenders. Before the Defenders team in What if Firefighter was Bad?, before the Defenders team in Royal Knight Stories volume 4, before the Defenders team in "Defenders Adventures" (coming soon).

As a matter of fact, they were the only Defenders team that didn't have me in it. Strange, isn't it? There was the black knight with the pearl necklace, and if I'd been around at that time I would have thought she was pretty, just like the person who told me about her. The only other Defender I can remember on that team was Wallwalker, who could walk on walls.

A long, long time ago (this time, not the beginning of time), Legoland was very simple. Such as, one non-armored person could defeat an entire well-trained army (about ten or eleven knights). But now things are much more complicated, with wizards right and left, crazy people who live to do nothing but shoot, wacky far-out powers -- in other words, complicated. And in between there were some parts that were simple and some parts that were complicated. One of the complicated parts was the Destructors. The only thing they could be killed by was black lightning, and no one used it on them. In fact, they stayed alive until fate took them apart (we are Lego people, after all).

A pretty recent thing, although I'm not quite sure I can call it really recent, was the Age of Giants. A time with two Lego people that had stomachs about the size of an entire Lego person. Imagine how hard it would be for them to walk with only two legs. One of my current fellow defenders, Armstrong, has the same problem, so he has six legs (three pairs). If you would like to know more about his legs, they're arranged in the places of tricycle wheels -- two in back and one in front (the pairs, that is).

Another recent thing is the hero called "Beam." As a matter of fact, he was first made on September 24, 1997. As a matter of fact, he's so recent that there will be an act about him two more acts from now. Another old thing was the Dark Knights. Their ruler was their queen, namely, the Black Queen. They had a gray, black and purple castle, and they were mostly very dark colors. I'll give you a short talk about the Royal Knights. (You can hear more about them in Royal Knights volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and other volumes yet to come.) Here's a preview, the second story of volume 2:

Story 10: "We're off to see the Imperials, if ever an Imperial there was!"

There are many countries in Legoland: Ice Planet, Underwater, and Royal Knights are a few, but there is also the Imperial Island. One day one of their biggest boats took off exploring. There was a violent storm, and the boat capsized. One of the Imperials was shipwrecked on the Island of Mazes. In a while, he found himself in a grassy plain. Three Royal Knights, Majisto, and a fire-breathing dragon were also there.

(a picture of an imperial guard)Majisto conjured up a pile of food for the Imperial guard, but in a while of talking, three pirates leaped from the underbrush. So did three Wolfpack members. The Imperial guard gave one of the pirates a blow with his hammer. The dragon knocked over the same one with his tail, and clawed after another one. The Wolfpack King hurled his scepter, and it struck the pirate chief right on the nose. The pirates were taken prisoner by the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack went off with their prisoners, the Royal Knights went off to buy a Legoland newspaper, and only Majisto and his dragon could accompany the Imperial guard in the search for his friends. The dragon flew up, up, up with the Imperial guard hanging onto his tail. Majisto and the Imperial guard looked down, trying to find one of the Imperial guard flags. They did, but they also saw another flag: the skull and crossbones!

The dragon flew down, capsized the pirate boat, landed in the water, and the Imperial guard got off, into the Imperial guard boat, with the dragon and Majisto following. The Sea Police came and put pay to the pirates.

When the Imperial guard and his friends reached the Imperial Island, it had been taken over by pirates. One of the pirates spotted them, and the Imperial boat was almost capsized by a cannonball. They reached cover in Seaman's Cove. They got off and alerted the islanders who lived there. Then, in the Imperial boat and several canoes, the Imperial guards and their friends set off.

An arrow from the islanders wounded the person from the cannon, so that he could not even press the trigger. They landed and stormed inside the island's castle (the island only holds a giant castle). It was streaming with pirates. The dragon's tail swished a few pirates into the wall. The Imperial guards and their hammers seemed to be everywhere. Spears from two different directions sent two pirates running into each other. Imperial guards rushed to the treasure room to make their battle stand.

The rest of them searched the entire castle for any remaining pirates. They found a lot in the control room. One of them was controlling the entire island (the island is just a plain of land on top of a giant ship). A spear whistled against the pirates, throwing them into the dragon's grasp. An invisible cage appeared around the pirates from a wave of Majisto's glow-in-the-dark wand. The only pirate remaining was the one controlling the island, protected by a screen of metal which the Imperial guards had invented. The ship was being steered closer and closer to the land of the pirates. Closer and closer, faster and faster.

Suddenly it stopped. The engine had been punctured. By who, you ask? By the Aquanauts. The island was firmly in place. But the metal screen protecting the one at the controls was not stronger than Majisto's wand. It disappeared, and white magic transferred him into the invisible cage. The pirates were given to the Sea Police.

The Royal Knights thought, "What's going on here? This is supposed to be our story!" But it was: the dragon happened to be their pet.

OK, back to the basics. Well, way back then (that story's pretty old) the Royal Knights had some partners: the Dragons. You hear about them in Royal Knight Stories volume 4 for one thing. Here's a story about the Dancing Dragons: Although most people get their initials, D.D., mixed up with the current Dragons -- the Dragon Defenders. So it's hard to tell whether the current Dragons are the Dancing Dragons, and the past ones are the Dragon Defenders, or the other way around. But I know it's the latter. Anyway, here's a story about them (the past ones -- the Dancing Dragons).


"What is it, Andubilplalio?"

"Go bring this message to King Afairtor."

"Right away."

"Afairtor! Afairtor!"

"What is it, Alfatorson?"

"It's a message. I think it's from the Griffins."

"The Griffins? They hardly ever bother with us. They're usually too busy fighting the Tursocks."

"Anyway, I only think it's from them.

"Anyway, give it to me."

"Anyway, here it is."

"OK, thank you. It says: 'Dear Dancing Dragons ..'"

Alfatorson asked, "Are those words above the paper?"

* to be continued *


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