DIY Movie Making Month, plus free magazines

by Tané Tachyon on March 6, 2010


March 2010 is DIY Movie Making Month at Make Magazine Online. To quote from the introduction:

There are so many incredible tools now available to consumers with even the most modest budgets to create shockingly sophisticated videos, from viral YouTube prank vids to animation/claymation/stopmotion wonders to satisfying sci-fi fan films to serious low-budget feature fare that give Hollywood a run for its money. Over the coming month, we’ll be rounding up site content on various aspects of DIY movie production, recommending tools for movie making, talking to some of our favorite no-budget/low-budget filmmakers, showing you some of our video-making process here at Maker Media, and more.

Make Magazine's DIY Movie Making Month graphic

I thought I’d also mention two magazines about digital filmmaking which you can either read online or fill out their subscription forms to receive free print subscriptions in the mail:

an animated image of a copy of Digital Video MagazineDV – Digital Video Magazine bills itself as “Tools & Technology for Video Professionals”, and the kinds of top- of-the-line software and hardware packages they cover will definitely make your eyes pop. While their feature articles and reviews give fascinating behind-the-scenes details of the kind of cutting-edge digital filmmaking used in today’s blockbuster films and other higher-budget media, their online forums also contain plenty of information for and by home filmmakers.

a picture of a copy of the 'Creative Cow' filmmaking magazineCreative COW Magazine gets some laughs when people see the title and cow-head logo, but it’s actually very cool: The “COW” stands for “Communities of the World”, and their very active and extensive community forums have been useful to me in figuring out some of the quirks of my Sony Vegas software, among other things. In addition to a forum for high-paying professional job listings they also have a forum listing low or no-pay jobs that may interest people who are just starting out. Although the magazine bills itself as “The Magazine for media professionals working in video, film, audio, motion graphics, imaging & design”, the articles and personal stories are written in a way that is accessible to all levels. And to quote a blurb for the web site, “Thousands of free video tutorials, web tutorials, project files, user reviews, and features to take your skills to the next level. Yes, free.”


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