When you tap Emoji Cats Word Guess’s dictionary setting menu, you’re probably not surprised to see Easier and Harder, ditto for Spanish, German, and French, but then right there in the middle, what is Swords doing there? I heard from one Emoji Cats Word Guess user who had assumed that “Swords” just meant super hard, and then was surprised to find that it really did mean actual swords.

Well, as described on Emoji Cats Word Guess’s “About” screen, the Swords dictionary is a bonus feature for anyone who would see “emojicatswordguess” (for example, Emoji Cats Word Guess’s Google Play Store listing URL is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tachyonlabs.emojicatswordguess) and want to parse it as “Emoji Cat Sword Guess” in addition to “Emoji Cats Word Guess”, which I personally found highly amusing. 😹 ⚔️

Swords is a currently-150-words dictionary of types of swords plus names of named swords both real and fictional. One thing that can make Swords pretty hard is that as it contains swords from many different countries/languages/eras/works of fiction/etc. it can be hard to predict good common letters or letter combinations. Below is a list of all 150 swords with very brief descriptions — I wouldn’t make a list like this for any of Emoji Cats Word Guess’s other dictionaries, which contain many thousands of words, but for only 150, why not? If you know of any other swords that you think should be included in Emoji Cats Word Guess (single-word swords only — alas, no Sword of Gryffindor, though I do have it elsewhere), post about them in a comment below, and I may add them to the database.

AkinakaEastern Mediterranean short sword, 1st millennium BC
AkrafenaAshanti sword for warfare and heraldry
AnaklusmosPercy Jackson’s sword
AnglachelFrom The Silmarillion
AnguirelFrom The Silmarillion
AscalonSaint George used it to slay the dragon
ArondightSir Lancelot’s sword
AshbringerFrom World of Warcraft
AxelFrom Dungeons & Dragons
BackswordEuropean sword with flat back edge
BaliswordFilipino sword with folding hilts
BalmungFrom Norse mythology
BeagalltachFrom Irish mythology
BlackbladeFrom Magic: the Gathering
BlackfyreFrom Game of Thrones
BofferFoam sword for simulated battles
BrightroarFrom Game of Thrones
BroadswordBasket-hilted double-bladed military sword
CaladbolgMagic sword from Irish mythology
CaledfwlchFrom Welsh mythology
ClarentKing Arthur’s sword of peace
ClaymoreScottish greatsword
ColadaOne of El Cid’s swords
CurtanaCeremonial sword for British coronations
CutlassSailor’s sword in the 17th-19th centuries
DagmorFrom The History of Middle-earth
DaoSingle-edged Chinese sword
DawnFrom Game of Thrones
DawnbringerFrom Dungeons & Dragons
DeathrenderFrom Magic: the Gathering
DefenderFrom Dungeons & Dragons
DerflingerFrom the manga/anime series The Familiar of Zero
DragonfangValkyrie’s sword in Marvel comics
DurendalThe sword of Roland in French epic literature
Dusack16th & 17th-century single-edged German sword
DyrnwynEnchanted sword from Welsh mythology
ElbrusFrom Magic: the Gathering
ElucidatorFrom the anime series Sword Art Online
EpeeLarger heavier fencing sword
Estoc14th-17th-century straight edgeless longsword
ExcaliberKing Arthur’s sword
FirangiStraight-bladed Indian sword with basket hilt
FlambergeLong blade or rapier sword with a wavy blade
FlayerFrom Dungeons & Dragons
FoilFlexible lightweight fencing sword
FotbitrAncient Viking sword meaning “foot biter”
FragarachNuada’s sword in Irish mythology
FrostmourneThe Lich King’s sword in World of Warcraft
GalatineThe Lady of the Lake gave it to Sir Gawain
GladiusAncient Roman foot soldiers sword
GlamdringGandalf’s sword
GodsendFrom Magic: the Gathering
GramSigurd used it to kill the dragon Fafnir
GrasscutterFrom Japanese folklore
GrayswandirCorwin’s sword in The Chronicles of Amber
GraywandFafhrd’s broadsword
GreatswordLong heavy sword requiring two hands to wield
GrusPolish coronation sword
GunnlogiFrom the Icelandic Gísla saga Súrssonar
GurthangFrom The Silmarillion
HadhafangFrom the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies
HeartsbaneFrom Game of Thrones
HerugrimKing Théoden’s sword
HruntingBeowulf used it to fight Grendel’s mother
HwandudaedoThe earliest type of Korean sword
IceFrom Game of Thrones
InfernoHiccup’s sword in How to Train Your Dragon
JianAncient Chinese double-edged straight sword
Joyeuse Charlemagne’s sword
KampilanSingle-edged Filipino longsword
KatanaCurved single-edged samurai sword
KatzbalgerShort Renaissance arming sword
KhandaDouble-edged straight Indian sword
KilijTurkish single-edged curved scimitar
KusanagiFrom Japanese folklore
LaevateinnFrom Norse mythology
LeggbirNorwegian King Magnus Olafsson’s sword
LightbringerFrom Game of Thrones
LightsaberJedi/Sith plasma sword
LongclawFrom Game of Thrones
LongswordTwo-handed European sword with cruciform hilt
MasamuneSword made by master swordsmith Masamune
MimungWudga’s sword in Germanic folklore
MoonbladeFrom The Witcher
MoralltachAengus’s sword in Irish mythology
MournbladeMagic sword in the works of Michael Moorcock
NadrAncient Viking sword meaning “viper”
NaeglingOne of Beowulf’s swords
NagareboshiFrom the manga/anime series Shigurui
NarsilAragorn’s broken sword
NeedleFrom Game of Thrones
NerfFoam and plastic toy sword
NightfallFrom Game of Thrones
NothungSiegfried’s sword in Wagner’s Ring Cycle
OdinswordOdin’s giant sword in Marvel comics
OrcristThorin’s sword in The Hobbit
PreciousKing Baligant’s sword in The Song of Roland
RapierWestern European slender two-edged sword
RhindonPeter’s sword in The Chronicles of Narnia
RingilFrom The Silmarillion
RudusLarge Malay sword
RuneswordFrom Magic: the Gathering
SabreEuropean backsword with a curved blade
SaifBroad-bladed Arab sword
SakabatoFrom the manga/anime series Rurouni Kenshin
SamehadaFrom the manga/anime series Naruto
SchiavonaItalian Renaissance broadsword
SchnepfSwiss sabre sword
ScimitarMiddle Eastern curved-bladed backsword or sabre
ShamshirBroad-bladed Arab sword
ShotelVery long Ethiopian curved sword
SikandaBastian’s sword in The Neverending Story
SkrofnungAncient Viking sword meaning “gnawer”
SmallswordEuropean lightweight one-handed thrusting sword
SoulswordIllyana/Magik’s sword in Marvel comics
SoultakerKatana ‘s sword in DC comics
SpadoneItalian Renaissance greatsword
SpathaEarly straight long Roman sword
StingBilbo Baggins’ sword
StormbringerMagic sword in Michael Moorcock’s works
SunswordFrom NetHack, Thundarr, and other works
SwordA sword is a sword 😹 ⚔️
SwordstaffMedieval Scandinavian polearm
SwordstickSword concealed in a cane or walking stick
SzczerbiecPolish Coronation Sword
TachiSamurai sword from the Kotō period
TakobaLong straight double-edged Tuareg sword
TalwarCurved Indian sword or sabre
TatsumasaFrom Magic: the Gathering
TessaigaFrom the manga/anime series Inuyasha
ThunderfuryFrom World of Warcraft
TizonaOne of El Cid’s swords
TsurugiAncient Japanese straight double-edged sword
Tuck14th-17th-century straight edgeless longsword
TwilightSurtur’s flaming sword in Marvel comics
UnscytheFrom Magic: the Gathering
UrumiIndian sword with a flexible whip-like blade
VerminfateFrom the Redwall series
VorpalFrom Jabberwocky, also used in D&D and others
WakizashiSmaller samurai sword in feudal Japan
WerewindleBrand’s sword in The Chronicles of Amber
WindshearFrom Skyrim
WorldslayerFrom Magic: the Gathering
XiphosAncient Greek double-edged shortsword
Yatagan16th-19th-century Ottoman curved short sabre
YoruFrom the manga/anime series One Piece
ZanpakutouFrom the manga/anime series Bleach
ZantetsukenFrom the Final Fantasy media franchise
ZhanmadaoChinese single-bladed anti-cavalry sword
ZulfiqarAli ibn Abi Talib’s sword


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