Kitty Todo makes it fun and easy to remember things, manage your time, and get things done

  • Meet regular deadlines by creating repeating tasks: Pay your credit card bill once a month, take the trash out once a week, water your houseplants once every three days, etc.
  • Start or strengthen habits, or make steady progress toward your goals, by creating repeating tasks: Practice guitar every day, write a blog posting at least once a week, study a foreign language every day, try a new recipe once a week, write 1000 words in your novel every day, try a new programming language every two months, etc.
  • Remember and follow through on ideas/thoughts/plans that come up throughout the day, by creating one-time tasks as quick notes to yourself about the things you should do when you get home, bring to a meeting next week, get at the grocery store tomorrow, etc.
  • Your todo list becomes less intimidating and more friendly and encouraging when each task has a smiling cat face with a checkbox nose.

Create one-time or repeating tasks

  • Tap the purple + button at bottom-right to create a new task.
  • Choose “Big Cat” or “Small Cat” task priority.
  • Select a due date, or no due date.
  • For a repeating task, select the repeat frequency in days, weeks, months, or years.

When you finish a task, tap the cat’s checkbox nose to mark it as completed

  • Completing a repeating task immediately schedules the next repeat.
  • A completed repeating task’s next repeat is rescheduled from the due date rather than the completion date — for example, with a task that is due January 9, and repeats monthly, regardless of whether you complete it on January 9, 10, 8, whatever, the next repeat will be scheduled for February 9.
  • Completing a non-repeating task moves it to the “Completed” section at the end of the list.
  • A completed non-repeating task will be permanently deleted in about an hour, unless you tap the cat’s checkbox nose again to uncomplete it before that.

Tap anywhere else on a task to edit it

  • Tap any part of a task other than the cat’s checkbox nose to edit it.
  • You can edit the description, priority, due date, and repeat frequency.

Easily view and scroll through your tasks

  • Kitty Todo orders tasks by due date, priority, and description, under headers for “Overdue”, “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Next 7 Days”, “Future”, and “Completed”.
  • You’ll get a notification any day you have due or overdue tasks.

Use the homescreen widget for even more convenience

  • Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget is a miniature version of the app that stays on your homescreen.
  • Add, edit, view, and complete tasks on the fly without needing to scroll through apps on your phone.
  • To activate Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget, long-press an open spot on your homescreen until you see the WALLPAPERS/WIDGETS/SETTINGS menu.
  • Tap WIDGETS, and scroll through the available widgets until you see Kitty Todo.
  • Long-press the Kitty Todo widget, drag it to the center of your screen, and release.
  • (If you ever want to remove it from your homescreen, long-press and drag it to “X Remove”.)

Try Kitty Todo today – free and ad-free!