When you’re ready to create a task, tap the purple + button at the bottom-right corner of the Kitty Todo app or homescreen widget, to bring up the Add New Task screen.

Describe your task

Enter a short description of the task.


Select Big cat or Small cat priority for your task. The default is Big cat.

How you associate Big cat and Small cat priorities with your tasks is up to you — personally, I use Big cat for tasks that really should get done by their due dates, and Small cat for tasks that are a little less critical in that regard, but you might want to use them in some other way that feels right to you.

In practice, the effect of selecting Big cat or Small cat priority for a task, is that when you’re scrolling through your list of tasks, for tasks with the same due date, tasks with Big cat priority are shown before tasks with Small cat priority.

Due date

Select the due date for your task, or No due date if it should be done at some unspecific point in the future.

The default due date is Today — if you want a different date, just tap the word “Today” or the calendar icon to bring up a date picker. If you’re thinking of a general range rather than a specific date, for example, sometime next week, just pick a plausible date in that range — you can always edit the task to update the due date later if things change.

When you’re scrolling through your list of tasks, Kitty Todo orders all tasks by date, with No due date tasks at the very end.


If you selected a due date (as opposed to No due date), you can also select whether your task does or doesn’t repeat. The default is Task doesn’t repeat.

If your task does repeat, then tap the drop-down arrows to select both the frequency and unit (days, weeks, months, or years) of the repeat, for example every 1 day or every 2 weeks.

Read the Why can’t I see the repeat options when adding or editing a task? help topic if you don’t see the repeat options on your screen.

Add Task

When you’ve finished entering the details of your task, tap ADD TASK to save it, and it will appear in your list of tasks, sorted by due date, priority, and description.

(Or if you change your mind and don’t want to save the new task, just use the Android back arrow or up arrow to return to the main Kitty Todo screen.)


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