Trips, projects, weather, illnesses, and all sorts of other events can interfere with life’s usual rhythms and routines, including completing your repeating tasks.

How best to handle this in Kitty Todo depends on the specific details of your break and repeating tasks, and your own preferences, what makes sense and feels right to you, but the general distinction is whether a particular repeating task is something that you just want to resume as usual once your schedule returns to normal, or whether you also want to make up the work described in that task that you didn’t get done in the meantime:

For a task you just want to resume as usual

The simplest thing to do is to just mark the task completed anyway each time it becomes due during the break, which will preserve its continuity of being part of your routine even on days when you can’t actually carry it out.

Alternately, edit the task to change its current due date to a date when you will be able to resume. The thing to keep in mind with this approach is to choose a new date that works right with the task’s repeat unit and frequency, for example if you’ll be getting back from a trip on a Wednesday, for a task that repeats once a week on Fridays, you should change the date to the Friday after you return rather than the actual day of your return.

For a task you want to resume plus make up for the time you missed

Basically, don’t do anything with that repeating task in Kitty Todo until you’re actually able to get back to it. When its due date passes, Kitty Todo will move it to the Overdue section at the beginning of your tasks list. Then, when you’re able to get back to it, just keep getting the make-up work done and marking it complete for each milestone until you’re all caught up.

For example, suppose you had created the task “Write 1000 words in my novel” and set it to repeat daily, with your internal goal being that this would not just get you into the habit of writing every day, but also result in your having written at least 30,000 words each month. On March 8 you left for a trip without having gotten any writing done that day, and on March 11 you got back and went right to bed.

When you pick up your phone or tablet on March 12, you’ll have a notification from Kitty Todo about having overdue tasks (you’ll have gotten that notification on March 9, 10, and 11 as well), and your task will be in Kitty Todo’s Overdue section (where it’s been since March 9), still showing the missed March 8 due date.

After you write the next 1000 words and mark the task as complete, it will still be in the Overdue section, but with its due date advanced to March 9, because you’ll now have caught up on March 8th’s missed work. As you continue to catch up on your missed work, the due date will keep getting advanced until you’re all caught up, and the task is no longer overdue.

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