Cat noses, and the tapping of cat noses, play very important roles in Kitty Todo. 😺

When you create or edit a task in Kitty Todo, as shown here, tapping the radio button nose of your priority cat of choice is the way to select “Big cat” priority or “Small cat” priority for the task.

And on the main Kitty Todo screen, as shown below each task’s priority cat has a checkbox nose that you tap to mark that task as complete, or, for a repeating task, to mark that task complete for its current due date, so that Kitty Todo reschedules its due date for the next repeat.

One of my many Kitty Todo daily repeating tasks is to take a walk: Pretty much every day during these difficult times of COVID-19 I go out for a neighborhood/nature walk right around dawn when it’s very deserted out, before there’s really even any social around yet to distance from. Each morning I try to take a different route and/or focus on different things, and one new (not noticed by me before, anyway) thing this morning was the cat mailbox shown below, a perfect non-virtual add-on for Kitty Todo! After you’ve completed your task of writing a letter and putting it in the mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up, you alert them to its presence by unflagging the mailbox cat’s nose, and when you aren’t sending any letters and/or packages out, you just flag the cat’s nose as shown here. Yes! 😹

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