Nexus 6P "live case" featuring a map of Santa Cruz, where I live
RIP my phone ⁠— all I can do with it now is look at the map of Santa Cruz on its case.

Saturday morning my formerly-faithful Nexus 6P phone got into a perpetual bootloop that even doing a factory reset wouldn’t fix. 😢 This is a known problem with the Nexus 6P, to the point where as a result of a class-action lawsuit Google and Huawei were reimbursing people as much as $400, but unfortunately the deadline to file a claim was September 3. 😢 I quickly ordered a Pixel 3a as a replacement, which by virtue of it being the cheaper version of last year’s model plus everything being on sale now plus I guess a discount for being a Google Fi customer was at least not as painful of an unexpected expense as it could have been, but it’s not expected to show up until Thursday or Friday at the earliest.

The reason I’m posting about this here, though, is that for me the main fallout from not having a working phone has been that I’m suffering from major Kitty Todo withdrawal. Every time I finish one of my daily or weekly tasks I start to reach for my phone (or have a strong urge/impulse to do so) to check it off in Kitty Todo, but I can’t. Ditto for wanting to enter new tasks, or check to see if there’s anything that’s slipping my mind today.

Being unhappy about not being able to use my phone for testing what will soon be my second published app is main reaction #2, but that’s another story for another time …

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