If you’d like to make any changes to an existing task, in the Kitty Todo app or homescreen widget, tap any part of that task other than the cat’s checkbox nose to load it into the Edit Task screen for editing.

Describe your task

Change your task’s description if you like.


Change your task’s priority if you like.

Due date

Change your task’s due date if you like.

If you’re editing a repeating task, changing its due date also changes the repeat scheduling — if a repeating task had been repeating once a week on Fridays, and you change the due date to a Thursday, now the task will repeat once a week on Thursdays instead.

Changing the due date of a repeating task to No due date will cancel the repeating, because No due date tasks don’t repeat. Only do this if you actually want it to not have a due date, though — if you just want it to stop repeating, change its Repeat setting instead, as described below.


If your task has a due date selected (as opposed to No due date), you’ll have the option to change your task’s repeat settings,

For a repeating task, tap the drop-down arrows if you want to change either the frequency or unit (days, weeks, months, or years) of the repeat, for example every 1 day or every 2 weeks.

If you’re editing a repeating task and want it to stop repeating, select Task doesn’t repeat.

Read the Why can’t I see the repeat options when adding or editing a task? help topic if you don’t see the repeat options on your screen.

Update Task

When you’ve finished editing the details of your task, tap UPDATE TASK to update it and return to the main Kitty Todo screen. (Or if you change your mind and don’t want to save your changes, just use the Android back arrow or up arrow to return to the main Kitty Todo screen.)

Because Kitty Todo’s list of your tasks is ordered by date, priority, and description, if you changed any of those values, your task may now appear at a different position in the list than it did before.

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