With Kitty Todo, whenever you think of an idea, plan, or need you want to take action on, remembering and scheduling it can be as quick and simple as tapping the purple + button, entering a few words, and tapping Add Task.

Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget makes this even quicker and simpler: It’s a miniature version of Kitty Todo that stays on your homescreen, making adding, viewing, editing, and completing tasks on the fly as easy as picking up your phone or tablet, without needing to scroll through your apps to get to and launch Kitty Todo first.

The homescreen widget is also a quick way to launch the full-sized app — tapping any part of the widget (such as the title bar or a section header) that is not a task will bring up Kitty Todo.

Adding Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget to your homescreen

First, long-press an open area on your phone or tablet’s homescreen to bring up this WALLPAPERS WIDGETS SETTINGS menu.

Next, tap WIDGETS to bring up a menu of available homescreen widgets.

Then, scroll through the menu of widgets until you see an image of Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget.

Finally, long-press the image of Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget until the rest of the widgets menu disappears, and then — while continuing to long-press the image of Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget — drag it to the center of your screen, and release it.

Using Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget

Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget has all the functionality of the app — you can just pick up your phone or tablet, and immediately start adding tasks, scrolling through tasks, editing, completing, or uncompleting tasks.

There is one small visual effect difference you’ll notice, though, just because not all Android UI bells and whistles are available to widgets:

  • In the app, when you mark a task as completed or uncompleted, you see a brief animation where the cat’s checkbox nose gets checked and the cat kind of nods at you, and a message called a “Snackbar” appears at the bottom of the screen to confirm the completion or uncompletion.
  • With the homescreen widget, the cat’s checkbox nose will very briefly flash being checked or unchecked, and then there will be a very slight pause before the task list is updated to reflect the completion or uncompletion.

Either way, your task gets completed or uncompleted; it just looks a little different in the process with the homescreen widget.

(If you ever want to remove Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget from your homescreen, long-press it until “X Remove” appears at the top of your screen, drag it to “X Remove” , and then release it.)

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