Both sides of my new Kitty Todo promo cards, shown here on "Small cat" Oswald

I had the idea to make double-sided Kitty Todo promo business cards with QR codes, so if I was, say, giving a presentation, or talking with anyone about Kitty Todo at a tech event or around town or wherever, if someone was interested, I could just hand them a card. I ordered them from Vistaprint last week, they arrived yesterday, and they’re really beautiful in addition to being really inexpensive.

Here you can see both sides being modeled by Kitty Todo’s “Small cat” priority cat Oswald. The button bar at the bottom of the screenshot and the “Get it on Google Play” button are much blacker than they look here, and the text on the screenshot is also really crisp and clear, more so than you can tell from the resolution of this photo.

Having had a previous unsatisfactory business card case experience, my plan was to use a mint tin to keep a small stack of them clean, unbent, and always at hand in the side pocket of my backpack of holding, but unfortunately they didn’t actually fit — turns out the random business card I had tested the tin with earlier this week only fit because its corners had gotten very subtly rounded while kicking around unprotected in that backpack side pocket.

Walking around brainstorming about different possibilities that caught my eye — assorted electronic gadget boxes, pack of playing cards, trading cards deck box, cassette tape case, old computer backup-tape case, Raspberry Pi case, building a case out of Legos, etc. — was like something out of “The Three Bears”, as everything was either too big, too small, too flimsy, too cumbersome to open and close, too likely to let in dirt and crumbs, etc. Finally I came across one of those little cardboard presentation boxes with a piece of foam in it, that must have been used for a pin of some sort — it’s a little wider than I would prefer, but just the right length, and reasonably sturdy, so I’m good to go!


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