Kitty Todo's Add New Task screen

If you’re adding or editing a task and you don’t see some or all of the task Repeat options shown in this screenshot, there are two things that can cause that: Having No due date selected, or changes you’ve made to your phone or tablet’s display settings.

If you have No due date selected

You won’t see the Repeat options if you have No due date selected, because in order for a task to be a repeating task, it has to have a date to repeat from.

If you’ve changed your phone’s display settings

If you’ve changed your phone or tablet’s display settings to increase its Font Size or Display Size, especially with an older or smaller phone, that in combination with your device’s screen resolution and dots per inch may make text appear enough larger to shift/scroll the Repeat options down out of view.

If that’s what you’re experiencing on your phone or tablet, the Repeat options are still there — just scroll the screen to view and access them. Alternately, you can rotate your device into landscape mode, where the Repeat options are less likely to have been shifted/scrolled off the screen by increased Font Size or Display Size settings.

Kitty Todo's Add New Task screen in landscape mode
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